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Por: Padre JOSÉ E. HOYOS

Cuantas veces has buscado una oportunidad de tener un verdadero encuentro con Cristo y sentirse amado. Ya millones de personas en el mundo se encuentran felices y con los corazones encendidos por haber experimentado el fuego y el gozo de pertenecer a esta bendecida familia de Dios.

Nuestra Diócesis de Arlington nos está dando esta gran oportunidad de recibir y participar en este gran evento llamado: “Riesgo por Jesús” una conferencia de evangelización donde nos abrirán nuevos caminos, nuevas mentes y nos guiaran hacia la verdadera conversión y sanación de nuestras vidas.

Risk Jesus (Poster - Flyer) SpanishEl Papa Francisco en la Encíclica: “Evangelii Gaudium” nos dice: “Al que arriesga al Señor, El Señor no lo defrauda y cuando alguien da un pequeño paso hacia Jesús descubre que él ya esperaba su llegada con los brazos abiertos”.

Y esto es lo que va a suceder el sábado 27 de septiembre en el Hilton memorial chapel, localizado en Woodbridge, Virginia. Cristo te espera a ti y a tu familia en un día donde tu vida cambiará y será bendecida.

Como católicos estamos llamados a reforzar y renovar nuestra fe cada día, primero en oración, en nuestra participación en los sacramentos, especialmente en la santa Eucaristía; pero si nuestra Diócesis nos da la oportunidad de avivar nuestra fe y de tener un encuentro con Jesús vivo, hay que participar y tomar el riesgo de ser protagonistas de esta nueva evangelización.

Nuestra Iglesia Católica quiere invitar personalmente a todos los catequistas, carismáticos, cursillistas, sacerdotes, diáconos, a los grupos de Emaús, Legión de Maria y a todos los seglares a participar haciendo hincapié a prestar atención a la voz de Jesús y a que nos entreguemos sin reserva a tener un encuentro personal con Él.

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By: Rev. Jose E. Hoyos
Director, Spanish Apostolate

As Christians seeking to live with intensity, devotion and great faith, we must acknowledge that Christ has definitely been the greatest evangelist of all time! Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of what an evangelist should be.

 To proclaim Christ, each person should first have a personal relationship with Him. It is this example of a relationship with Him that will lead all to desire to be His disciples, and to recognize and repent of the sin in their lives. This experience leads to a deep conversion experience, particularly received through the Sacrament of Baptism.

If we are faithful to the Word of God, evangelization will increase among Christians. This evangelization will be welcomed by all men, because it is born in the Holy Spirit, who creates unity in diversity, and strengthens and aids us in our ministries. We will bear fruit if we listen to the Holy Spirit as we address the needs of today’s world, especially when we commit to be true missionaries in this century. The world today will only find hope and new achievements through the saving example of Jesus!

The new evangelization is a response to the problems posed by the disconnect in our country between faith and life. That disconnect produces dramatic situations of injustice, social inequality and violence. We Christians must face the great task of infusing renewed energy to all Christians. The New Evangelization requires recognizing the rich and abundant Christian values ​​that exist within our communities, and enhancing our communities while seeking to correct past deficiencies.

Jesus Christ calls us currently through evangelization to change our lives and the course of history, fulfilling the hope of new life. This is the foundation of human development, based on forming an authentic Catholic culture. This evangelization in our Church can only bring a new vitality, a new Pentecost, where the presence of the Holy Spirit will bring forth a nation renewed, consisting of free men and women aware of their dignity, able to forge a truly human history.

Evangelization must generate evangelized and evangelizing Catholics, who are agents of human development and a culture that focuses on Catholic identity. Society will only change when we require our society to teach and practice more values!

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By: Rev. Jose Eugenio Hoyos

We may have finished 2010 with a sense of nostalgia, but a new year is a great opportunity to make a serious assessment of the positive and negative aspects of our lives. The key is to be self-reflective and to honestly evaluate ourselves so that we can improve our personal lives, relationships, family ties, friendships, work and projects.

We may look at the past year and at the goals we have not met and ask, “What happened in this particular instance? Why didn’t I put in more effort? How many of my personal resolutions did I keep?”

Now is a good time to commit ourselves again to firm resolutions. Certainly, we may have many goals, but I recommend that you commit only to three to five of them and work on those for the rest of 2011.

I would suggest including some of the following:

  • Make God a priority in everything.
  • Learn to pray the Rosary or visit the Blessed Sacrament at least three times a week.
  • Commit to praying the novena and Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3 p.m. and at the Angelus at noon and 6 p.m.
  • Learn and practice the Works of Mercy.
  • Rid yourself of extra spiritual weight. Instead of spending more time in the gym, consider the important spiritual exercise of ridding yourself of sin through participating regularly in the Sacrament of Penance.
  • Stay active in your parish: Consider participating as a lector, usher or a cantor. The Church also offers several ministries where you can personally encounter Christ such as the Legion of Mary, the Charismatic Renewal, Cursillo, Bible study, etc.
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep, but not during the Holy Mass!
  • Commit to being a joyful person who radiates peace and begins each day praying to the Holy Spirit.
  • Practice generosity to the Church, to charities and to those in need.

If at the end of 2011, if you can say that you have honestly met three of your goals, you will know with certainty that you are pursuing holiness and the path to heaven! May God Bless you in 2011!

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Thanksgiving is behind us, two weeks of Advent have already passed, and Christmas and New Year’s Day are fast approaching. While we look forward to these holidays and Holy Days, many of us also struggle with feelings of discouragement, loss or sadness during this time. In a recent column, Bishop Loverde talks about these challenges, often called “the holiday blues.” You can find his column about dealing with these emotions here.

This topic gives us the opportunity to introduce to our blog audience Fr. Hoyos, the Director of the Spanish Apostolate. Father writes in Spanish on his popular blog.  Here, Fr. Hoyos discusses the challenges that many feel in the holiday season:


This year, we may have passed several milestones in our lives: marriages, births, funerals, successful surgeries, new jobs, difficult news that we didn’t expect and many other surprises. Halloween, Thanksgiving and birthdays have gone by and we ask “where did the time go?”

When we look back and realize that months and years have passed, we may feel like we have not accomplished much. We can even feel discouragement and depression or blame ourselves for not taking advantage of time.

Especially during this holiday season, some are so discouraged that they begin to read self-help books, visit a psychologist, counselor or priest for words of encouragement, or simply try to stick to a goal and accomplish it. Sometimes, our goals are simple: get our Christmas cards written, finish up a project at work or reconnect with a friend. Sometimes, however, these quests can be quite serious: they may be to regain the will to live, the desire to turn our lives around, to intend to be better people and human beings, to be self sufficient. These goals require sacrifice, prayer, discipline, will power, perseverance and daily struggle; without these things we grow weak and succumb to difficulty.

In life there are good and bad experiences, positives and negatives. We should always surround ourselves with good friends. I’ve heard some people call it “good energy,” but really they mean positive and honest people. These are people that honestly love us and know how much we are worth, who listen to us. And, of course, Jesus Christ should be near us always in prayer, especially through going to Mass.

And so, as we prepare during Advent for the coming of Christmas, we should remember that if we fail in reaching our goals, it does not mean that we cannot achieve others.  We have within us the ability to be happy and we know the reason to stay alive – Jesus Christ!

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