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By: Kathleen Yacharn

Generally, it’s much easier to get someone to tell you about a bad time they had at a restaurant, a hotel, an airline or concert venue than it is to get someone to tell you about the good time they had. Most of us don’t bother with writing online reviews for the decent or even great meals or stays we had. But why is it that usually within a day or two of an uncomfortable time with a rude server, long wait, or bad food, we’re signing up for an account on Yelp or Urban Spoon, ready to unleash our righteous anger, of course as a civic duty to help others avoid the place?

Isn’t it because people are so much more motivated by strong emotion than by satisfied entitlement? When we have even a great time, we might tell a few people, but isn’t that what we expected in the first place? Instead of appreciating the good things in our lives, we take them in and move on with a sense of complacency, which unfortunately bleeds into our civic and moral lives, too.

sleeping babyFor those of us who believe in protecting God’s creation, from conception to natural death, we have to be careful to avoid that cultural complacency. If we are pro-life, then we have to live that truth 24 hours a day, seven days a week, not just once a year during the March for Life. We have to communicate the message tirelessly because it is a matter of life and death and anything less than ceaseless effort can tip the scales in people’s hearts and minds toward the great lie that is the culture of death.

I write this asking you to take the time today, literally just a few minutes, to support life in a meaningful way. The Virginia Catholic Conference is the public policy agency representing Virginia’s two bishops. Bishop Paul S. Loverde of our Arlington Diocese and Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo of the Richmond Diocese. They need you to comment on yet another machination of the abortion industry trying to promote their cause at the expense of the lives of innocents. Read below the VCC’s request, share it with your friends, and truly support life today.


Your Comments Needed as Abortion Center Regulations Review Begins

The Virginia Department of Health is now reviewing the recently enacted abortion center health and safety regulations (several years before regulations are typically reviewed) due to a recent directive from Governor McAuliffe. 
Click here to tell the Board of Health that this review process is premature and that these commonsense regulations must be maintained. Public comments will be accepted until July 31, 2014.

Again and again, the abortion industry claims that these regulations are unnecessary and expensive. Yet, inspections of these abortion centers repeatedly reveal health and safety violations that are endangering Virginia women.

One particularly egregious violation was uncovered during a biennial 
licensure review inspections at one Virginia abortion center. The abortion center’s complication log revealed that 15 of the 18 complications recorded in January 2014 were “incomplete medical terminations” (RU-486). In 11 of those cases the women returned for another chemical abortion, while 4 women decided to have surgical abortions. RU-486 is only approved by the FDA to be used in the first 49 days of pregnancy with a “failure” rate of 8%.  This incredibly high complication rate puts women’s well being at great risk. If these abuses are occurring while abortion centers are regularly inspected, imagine the conditions with no regulations! Please click here to tell the Board of Health to maintain all the regulations because the abortion industry cannot self-regulate.

If you are not a member of the Conference’s advocacy network, click 
here to receive regular Conference email alerts and updates. Please like us on Facebook, follow@VACatholicConf on Twitter, and sign up for our blog at www.fromthetibertothejames.wordpress.com.

In prayer and in public, your voices are urgently needed to bring Gospel values to bear on vital decisions being made by those who represent you.

The Virginia Catholic Conference is the public policy agency representing Virginia’s Catholic bishops and their two dioceses.

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By Jeff Caruso, Executive Director of the Virginia Catholic Conference

These quiet days following Election Day 2010 stand in sharp contrast to the noisy chaotic days and months leading up to it. Voters, who carefully weighed the candidates’ positions, and did their part to earn red, white and blue “I Voted’’ stickers may think it’s time to turn their attention elsewhere, having completed their civic duty until next November. At least that’s the temptation.

Our responsibility as Catholic citizens goes well beyond Election Day. We are called to ongoing participation in civic life, and faithful citizenship means participating in that process 365 days a year, prayerfully and with well-formed consciences.

Virginia Capitol Building, Richmond

We love one another when we work to uphold the sanctity of life, achieve justice, care for the poor and the forgotten and highlight the importance of the family. In the public square — as Virginians and Americans — we seek to support public policy that serves the common good, especially our brothers and sisters in the human family who are voiceless or vulnerable.

It sounds simple enough: we should strive to ensure that the dignity of the human person is the measuring stick when governments consider legislation, policies and actions. But it’s not always easy to be involved in important issues in our own neighborhoods, much less in Richmond and Washington, D.C. The task of keeping up with issues competes with what’s happening at work, around the dinner table, in our parishes, or in our kids’ schools or playing fields.

That’s one of the reasons that Bishop Loverde and Bishop DiLorenzo of the Diocese of Richmond established the Virginia Catholic Conference: to help Catholics take part in important policy decisions. They recently designated Nov. 13-14 as “Advocacy Sunday” for parishes throughout the Commonwealth to actively recruit new members to our E-mail Advocacy Network. Our e-mail alerts inform our growing membership about policies being debated in areas such as respect for life, religious freedom, poverty reduction, education, family and marriage, and immigration. We provide background on Catholic social teaching pertaining to the issue, and give members who choose to act on that alert the means of immediately contacting their legislators to tell them how they, as constituents, want their representatives to respond to that issue.  These pre-drafted e-mails messages can be forwarded “as is” to legislators, or edited to add additional thoughts.

State legislators tell us when they’ve heard from large numbers of constituents.  Last spring, our email network members played a critical role in winning a 20-19 state Senate vote to approve new restrictions against state abortion funding.  These emails literally saved lives!

More than 100 parishes in the Dioceses of Arlington and Richmond are participating in the Virginia bishops’ Advocacy Sunday campaign, either on Nov. 13-14 or on another weekend close to that time. But you don’t have to wait to sign up for the network. Sign up on our website at any time at www.vacatholic.org and use the convenient “Join the Network!” feature. If you are already enrolled, are there three, four, or even five other people you could invite to join?

There are 650,000 Catholics registered in parishes in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Imagine what could happen if all 650,000 joined their bishops in this collective effort to fight for life, justice, family and the common good.

That is why we’re asking parishioners across Virginia to become a member of the VCC Email Advocacy Network. Join today!

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