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Parish staff – please take a few moments to review and provide feedback for your page(s) from the online version of the 2017 Diocesan Directory seen above.

To enter your feedback:
Leave a comment in the “Leave a reply” comment box at the bottom of this page. When commenting, please follow the “FEEDBACK COMMENT REQUIREMENTS” described below and make sure to hit the “post comment” button when you are finished (see image below).


Please Note: If we do not hear back from you by COB on Friday, October 27, we will assume all listed information is still current and will remain the same in the 2018 Directory.


Please indicate the name of the parish you are speaking on behalf of, the page number where each edit is needed, a description of each edit, and a contact name for questions about the changes with an email or phone number (see examples below).


Saint John Vianney
– p.6: New church fax number 703-591-5678
– p.6: In the Mass Schedule area, change Saturday 5 p.m. (Vigil Mass) to 5:30 p.m. (Vigil Mass)
Contact for questions about changes – Rhonda Johnson at 703-591-9876 (rjohnson@saintjohn.net)

The Diocesan Directory is a valuable resource for many in the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Therefore it is our goal to produce as accurate a publication as possible. Any changes after the publication of the print edition will be updated in the online Directory.

The new Diocesan Directory will be available in January 2018. Ordering information will follow when finalized. Many thanks for your assistance. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. directory@arlingtondiocese.org

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