Encouraging and Teaching in the Digital Sphere

By Bishop Paul S. Loverde

During Holy Week, our thoughts naturally turn towards the Paschal Mystery, that is, the Mystery of Christ’s Death and Resurrection whereby He redeemed us.  This Paschal Mystery is the heart of our faith, a truth to which we witness with our words and with our lives.  As you may have noticed, the name of the blog is “Encourage and Teach,” which is taken from a quotation from Saint Paul that inspired my Episcopal Motto. As Bishop and priest, I hope to encourage and teach patiently the truths of the faith to the people of Northern Virginia. In an online format, this blog helps to achieve that goal.

Bishop Loverde meets with the Ghanian community

So much of society’s conversations now take place online.  From information seeking to instant message chats, much of the world has entered what Pope Benedict XVI called in his message for World Communications Day last May, “the digital continent.” By starting this blog, which adds upon our Web site, photo galleries, Facebook and Twitter accounts, video and podcasts, we hope to enter further into this digital dialogue and respond to many of the questions that people pose for the Diocese of Arlington and the Catholic Church. 

Bishop Loverde Celebrating Mass in the Crypt of the National Shrine

Along with regular contributors from various ministries, such as the Respect Life and Vocations Offices, I eagerly anticipate writing to all of you in a more personal fashion about faith-related questions as well as about news and events that pertain to the Diocese of Arlington.  Indeed, it is our intent to encourage and teach in a timely and understandable way to all those who may be interested in regularly following our blog.

In my Easter letter, I focus on the “good news” of the Resurrection at Easter, which brings us profound hope amidst  the trials and challenges of our lives. Each day, we must strive to live this good news. As Saint Augustine tells us, “We are Easter people and alleluia is our song!” It is my hope that this blog serves as a source of catechesis and of spiritual renewal to you as you pursue a life of holiness.

I encourage you to check back often and to become a part of this online dimension of our faith community!

5 thoughts on “Encouraging and Teaching in the Digital Sphere

  1. Your Excellency —

    I am so DELIGHTED to see Arlington start up a blog.

    A few months ago, I discovered the blog for the Archdiocese of Washington and have found it to be quite helpful to learn a few things, as well as to stimulate thought and some very good discussion.

    As such, I had been planning to mention Arlington starting a diocesan blog with some of the PTB (powers that be) at the Diocese. I am happy to see that they already were thinking the same thing.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

    And — given one of the main issues of the day, let me say this —


  2. Your Excellency – I am astonished and pleased at how flexible and agile our diocese is in getting the word out to those who seek – where they seek – when they seek – whether or not they, themselves are even aware that they seek the Word in their hearts. Thank you.

  3. I’m so excited that Arlington now has a blog!!! Glad to know that our diocese is in tune with what people need and hopefully this blog will connect individual parishioners with those who labor at the diocesan level. God Bless this brand new blog!

  4. Excellency,
    Thank you for devoting the resources and your own time to this project. It will bear much fruit, I am sure.

    Resurrexit sicut dixit!

    R A Sheetz

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