A Second Career – High School Teacher of the Year

By Sr. Bernadette McManigal  

Bishop Loverde and Dr. Potter


 After 26 years in private practice as a surgeon, Dr. Michael Potter embarked on a new career as a biology teacher at Paul VI Catholic High School where he has taught for the last nine years.  This was an enormous change in his life, yet Dr. Potter has adapted to his new responsibilities with grace and leadership.  This year, upon the recommendation of faculty and former students, the Diocese of Arlington recognized Dr. Potter as “High School Teacher of the Year.”  

Senior Dan Chauvin says, “Dr. Potter is by far the most challenging, as well as the most talented teacher that I have ever had. I will always remember his AP Biology class and the lessons he taught me.” Students have said that they are prepared for the next phase of their academic life because Dr. Potter has taught them through study packets, peer review journal articles and positive classroom experiences. He has designed an online semester science course that blends microbiology, genetics, histology and physiology with hands-on laboratory experiences.  

This excellent teacher is also known for challenging his students to be the best they can be, ever mindful of their responsibility as children of God.  Students leave his class with an understanding of ethical behavior, not because he said so, but because he lives it.  

The students at Paul VI Catholic High School and the Diocese of Arlington are fortunate to have Dr. Michael Potter as a teacher. We are grateful for both his first and second career of serving God’s people.

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