Budget Amendment Successfully Limits State Abortion Funding!

By: Jeff Caruso, Virginia Catholic Conference Director

Until Wednesday’s landmark vote, state funded abortions occurred at the alarming rate of one every three days.

The VCC is the public policy arm of the two VA dioceses.

In my previous post, I relayed that Governor McDonnell proposed a budget amendment that would drastically reduce those abortions. As you may have already heard, on Wednesday evening the state Senate cast a 20-19 vote in favor of a budget amendment to dramatically limit state abortion funding.  Earlier in the afternoon, the House also agreed to the amendment by a 64-30 vote.  Proposed by Governor McDonnell, the amendment ensures that no abortions will be paid for by state taxpayers except as required by federal law or state statute.  With the approval by both chambers, the Governor’s proposal is now part of the budget that will govern state spending for the next two fiscal years.

This life-saving budget amendment occurred in part because of the unprecedented number of people like you who advocated for this change. My staff and I heard that legislators were receiving plenty of e-mails from their pro-life constituents. If you participated by contacting your legislators – thank you!

If you have not already, I encourage you to sign up for the Virginia Catholic Conference advocacy network at www.vacatholic.org and to spread the news to your friends, family and co-workers. E-mailing your legislators about important issues only takes a moment and (as we saw on Wednesday) your contribution can save lives.

Together, we can thank God for this outcome and build for more like it in the future.

One thought on “Budget Amendment Successfully Limits State Abortion Funding!

  1. El problema ademas de Los de afuera, que si bien es verdad no tienen mucha fuerza a la hora de deciciones efectivas, el gran problema es Los que estan adentro “representando al de afuera” que no vive como verdadero cristiano. Para ellos el puesto que tienen “trancigoriamente” es la oportunidad para Financiar Su futuro y el de Los suyos. Lo demas….es otra historia. Oremos para que ellos vean en Su interior el llanto de Dios por cada decicion mal tomada. Que puedan realmente servir como lo hizo Nuestro Jesus. Por que en el juicio final de cada vida, El nos va preguntar: Que hicistes con los domes de te di? Dios tenga compacion de nosotros.

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