What Is the True Value of Education?

In his most recent column, Bishop Loverde reflects on the martyrdom of Saint Thomas More and the need for a true education to assist us in living a Christian life. The following excerpt is from The Importance of a True Education

Saint Thomas More, the patron of the Diocese of Arlington, was martyred because of his refusal to swear an oath of loyalty to King Henry VIII. The king defied the authority of the Pope and declared himself the head of the Church of England because he did not wish to accept the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage. Saint Thomas More’s principled resolution in refusing to swear the oath was not only the result of much reflection, but also of his keen intellect, which contributed to forming his conscience in order to make wise decisions. His holy example of martyrdom demonstrates the true value of an education: the ability to apply the reality of our faith to concrete life decisions that occur on our path to holiness.

For the complete column, please visit here.

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