Lorena Dorsey Named CBN Teacher of the Year

By: Sr. Bernadette McManigal 

I want to introduce to you another special person, a teacher of the year. Mrs. Lorena Dorsey was one of the four Teachers of the Year, along with Dr. James Potter, who I wrote about previously, named by the Catholic Business Network (CBN). A graduate of James Madison University, Mrs. Dorsey worked in the medical field as a vascular sonographer for ten years. She then decided on a career change and went back to college to become certified in education. 

Mrs. Lorena Dorsey


Mrs. Dorsey has been teaching at St. Theresa School, Ashburn, for the past 12 years, and she has taught first through fifth grade. She enjoys the challenge that teaching in a new grade affords and has taught in different grades for more than three years in a row. 

Mrs. Dorsey has always fostered a warm and caring environment for her students. Special occasions, such as birthdays, are heralded by fresh bread baked by a bread machine right in the classroom! 

In his pastoral letter, Growing in Wisdom, Age and Grace, Bishop Loverde writes, “Our Catholic schools nurture our youth by providing daily opportunities to learn about the faith, to grow as the young Jesus did in wisdom, age and grace, and to develop the values and virtues that will enable them to live an authentically Christian life.” 

Teachers such as Mrs. Dorsey certainly give invaluable support and guidance to our students as they mature and learn in our Catholic schools.

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