Three Priests Ordained Today!

Diocesan priests lay their hands on the head of each candidate and offer blessings.


This morning, three men were ordained by Bishop Loverde as priests of the Diocese of Arlington. Fr. Jason Weber, Fr. Mick Kelly and Fr. Ed Bresnahan have joined 160 other diocesan priests in service to the Catholics of Northern Virginia. 

Father Michael Kelly and Bishop Loverde


Fr. Bresnahan, in a reflection published several days before being ordained, expressed his feelings about becoming a priest, “There is a feeling of joy that comes along with doing the very thing that my heart has been set on even before I knew it. There is a simple joy and a reassuring peace because I’m doing, and I can’t wait to do, what God wants from me.” 

Fr. Bresnahan at the Ordination Mass


Please join Bishop Loverde in welcoming our new priests and continuing to pray for their vocation to the priesthood.  

Bishop Loverde and Newly Ordained Fr. Weber


Diocesan Seminarians at the Ordination Mass


8 thoughts on “Three Priests Ordained Today!

  1. God Bless…thank you for our priests. Mother Mary, keep our priests in your care and ask Christ your Son for Grace.

  2. God’s blessings to “our” three new priests. Prayers for many years of holy service and continual growth in God’s mercy and love.

  3. Thank you for your “Gift” to God and to His Church. Thank you to Fr. Weber for your First Blessing.
    Peace and Encouragement and Strength,

  4. Dear Jason ( I mean Fr. Weber)
    May the Good Lord bless you and keep you always in His ways. I’m so sorry we couldn’t be with you on your special day. Much Love, Aunt Carol

  5. I knew Rev. Jason Weber in College, as he was the roommate of one of my close friends. At that time he was strongly considering joining the priesthood and I remember warning him against it. I am not a Catholic, nor do I approve of many segments of the Catholic church – like Opus Dei – that seem to ally themselves with reactionary and anti-worker regimes around the globe, however, Jason’s character as a kind and considerate person shone brightly then and I think he will make an excellent minister, now that he has become a clergy member. I am sure he will retain the friendly and compassionate spirit he displayed then throughout his life. Best wishes, Father Weber!

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