How is the Need for Intimacy Like a Beer Stein?


Last week, when Lisa Klewicki compared a human being’s need for intimacy to a beer stein at the first of our two seminars, her audience of over 150 men and women laughed. However, by the end of the evening, they started using the analogy themselves in a number of questions for the speaker and in conversations with one another.

Over 150 People Attended the Seminar


As an example, she told us her husband does not need to share very much about himself after a long day at work in order to feel fulfilled. She compared his need for emotional intimacy to a shot glass. Lisa, however, needs a beer stein’s worth of emotional intimacy each day to be fulfilled. So how can two people with different needs have a healthy, holy relationship?

To find the answer to this question and more listen to the podcast of Lisa’s presentation and attend Wednesday’s second installment.

Lisa Klewicki speaks at the Communication Seminar.



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