Today is the Feast Day of our Patron, Saint Thomas More

By: The Office of Communications

“You must not abandon the ship in a storm because you cannot control the winds … What you cannot turn to good, you must at least make as little bad as you can.” (Utopia, 1516 )

Saint Thomas More, whose Feast Day is today, June 22, is not only our diocesan patron saint, but also the patron saint of politicians, statesmen and lawyers, which is especially fitting given our proximity to Washington, DC, and our many parishioners who work in those fields.  

Saint Thomas More’s life and martyrdom offer us a particularly relevant example of a Christian in the public square. In 1529, he was named the first lay Lord Chancellor by King Henry VIII. Saint Thomas More was known for his wisdom, wit and integrity.  He struggled to serve both God and country, but ultimately died a martyr’s death because of his opposition to King Henry’s efforts to lead the Church in England.

As Pope John Paul II said, Saint Thomas More “distinguished himself by his constant fidelity to legitimate authority and institutions precisely in his intention to serve not power but the supreme ideal of justice. His life teaches us that government is above all an exercise of virtue. Unwavering in this rigorous moral stance, this English statesman placed his own public activity at the service of the person, especially if that person was weak or poor; he dealt with social controversies with a superb sense of fairness; he was vigorously committed to favouring and defending the family; he supported the all-round education of the young.”

During the presidential election in 2008, Bishop Loverde encouraged the parishioners of the Diocese of Arlington to pray this litany to St. Thomas More. We should continue to pray for the intercession of Saint Thomas More.

You can learn more about St. Thomas More and our diocesan co-patroness, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, by clicking here.

Take a moment on this special day for the diocese to pray for Bishop Loverde, our priests and all of our parishioners. Saint Thomas More, pray for us!

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