Our Mission: To Encourage and Teach

With over two months of blogging under our belt, we at Encourage and Teach have written about a variety of topics including ordinations, relationship skills, healing from abuse, contraception and the role of communications in the Church. Thank you for visiting our blog and being an early participant in this conversation! Please add us to your blog reader and keep passing the link on to family and friends.

While we are no longer a newborn blog, we are definitely still in our infancy. So, we would love to hear some questions from you, our readers. We may not be able to answer them all, but as we say in our About statement, we write in hopes that we “might encourage all readers to find out more about their faith and to embrace the fullness of the truth that the Catholic Church offers.”

So, what questions do you have about the Catholic faith and the way that faith is lived out here in the Diocese of Arlington? Which topics did you enjoy and want to read more about? Is there a question that you have regarding some ministries in the Church – vocations, youth ministry, marriage, life issues etc.-  that you have never asked? Please email us at communications@arlingtondiocese.org or comment below.

As we move forward, we hope that we can continue to truly live out the purpose stated in our blog name, taken from Bishop Loverde’s Episcopal Motto, to “Encourage and Teach.”

One thought on “Our Mission: To Encourage and Teach

  1. Might I make a few observations and suggestions?

    Most of these posts are introductory – a little catechesis, a little history, a little news. These are all good things, and there’s a nice mix of them, and all of the above should continue. But they’re also things that can be found elsewhere: a quick look at the catechism, a brief perusal of the relevant wikipedia page, or a glance at a Catholic news service. Fr. Bresnahan’s reflection is something different, something of which I think the blog could use more: it’s not content you could find elsewhere, but insight that stands on its own. It’s a reason I should devote time to THIS particular blog. That’s the content that keeps me reading.

    Related to the above: This blog makes extensive use of links, generally a good thing. But links should not be a substitute for content. The June 14th post on intimacy as a beer stein, for example, starts to ramp up to be a nice insightful reflection, but then links elsewhere. That’s disappointing. If a post is not going to have a complete thought, it should be brief, perhaps quoting the best few sentences and then saying, “Check out this fantastic link.”

    Finally, much of the news here is about the Diocese of Arlington. That makes lots of good sense – the diocese is very important and obviously this is an official work of one. But for most Catholics, most of their life does not revolve around the diocese: it takes place at home, at work, in the parish. So one might ask, “Why do I care about all this diocesan news?” To be sure, the diocesan perspective is important – and maybe a post or two could explain why – but more posts relevant to other areas of life would be good. Admittedly, this is tricky – news about second graders at someone else’s parish may not be of any greater interest to me. And that’s why I really think unique and insightful commentary is the most high-value content.

    Keep up the good work; I look forward to reading more!

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