Mass, Confession and Adoration Times – Only a Click Away

By: Caitlin Forst, Office of Communications 

During the summer, many of us take advantage of the sunny weather to go on day or weekend trips, or even to take some time off work. Naturally, this means that you may not always be near your parish for Sunday Mass or know where to find Confession or Eucharistic Adoration. 

Fortunately, we have a helpful tool for this conundrum. 

We often receive questions asking how to find confession schedules at other parishes or Eucharistic Adoration throughout the diocese. In response to those questions (and after a lot of data entry!), we created “The Locator.” 



You can find the Locator in the yellow “Find a Parish” box on the homepage or by clicking on this direct link. The Locator allows you to search by “type” of service: Mass, Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite Mass, Hearing Impaired Mass, Confession or Eucharistic Adoration. Once you select a type, you can choose which language, day and time you are interested in attending. Finally, press “go” and you will be given a drop-down menu of parish options. Select a parish and you will be brought to a Google map of that parish’s location. You can get map directions from there. 

You can also find diocesan schools by location — pretty neat, right? 

Our hope is that parishioners and visitors might use the Locator when they want to go to Confession on a Tuesday night on their way home from work. Or, perhaps, they will be in a different part of the diocese on vacation and need a quick way to find Sunday Mass. I have also found that it is a great way to get to know other parishes in the diocese when I am looking to spend some time in prayer at Eucharistic Adoration.  If you are looking for Perpetual Adorations, we have a listing for you as well. 

We hope you find this tool useful!

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