Sanctity of Marriage in the Public Sphere

By: Therese Bermpohl

Traditional Marriage receives another blow from a California Judge. Federal judge, Vaughn Walker, struck down Proposition 8, the amendment in favor of traditional marriage between one man and one woman.  The judge’s decision is contrary to the will of the many people who have voted in favor of defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

The USCCB released a statement Wednesday afternoon decrying the decision.

In 2006, prior to a VA ballot initiative, the Virginia Bishops spoke to the sanctity of marriage stating, “Because God designed the marital union as part of our intrinsic nature and established it as the foundation of our civilization, the proper role of both church and state is one of stewardship, to preserve our Creator’s great gift of marriage from one generation to the next.”

Marriage was instituted by God for the good of spouses, children and society. We must continue to fight for traditional marriage for the spiritual and temporal good of all.

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One thought on “Sanctity of Marriage in the Public Sphere

  1. I completely agree with this post.

    As a single middle aged male who has definitively decided to remain single, I feel that there is something wrong when large, fully and soley heterosexual men like myself feel like outcasts in a modern America where gay and lesbian marraiges, relations, cohabitation, one night stands, and the like are considered hip, progressive, intellectual, and/or cool.

    As a 48 year old physicist and prolific inventor with numerous issues patents, I will state my complete and great respect for the institution of marriage which in the Catholic Church is elevated to a supernatural level as one of the 7 Sacraments, with its own unique and particular graces, and which is between one man and one women, and which is open to the possibility of having several children by abiding by Church teaching on the need and duty to avoid the use of artificial contraception.

    Psychologists affirm that sexuality is an inherent part of our psychodynamic make-up, perhaps even before we are born, even though the extremely young are largely not cognitively aware of their sexuality which has yet to develop into adult forms. This applies to married folks, clergymen, religious, single folks like myself, virgins, etc alike.

    We have lost a sense of the sacredness of sexuality in a society that promotes gay and lesbian unions, cohabitation, one night stands, abortion, artificial contraception, and the like moral nonesense to the point where traditional male female heterosexual relationships are viewed as caveman like, intolerant, non-progressive, and in may cases, simply uncool.

    I honestly do not see modern day civilization turning back to traditional morals without a wholesale housecleaning by some sort of a societal phase change. Our Lady of Fatima has warned us of the consequences of sin, and this warning was reaffirmated by the Church Approved Apparitions in Akita, Japan.

    Now even though I am almost 50 years old, and perhaps have a little bit of early onset grumpy old man syndrome, I get great joy at seeing young couples, engaged or married effectionately embracing each other in public. When I see such young couples passionately in love and realize the many joys they will have together in private and the many smiles and laughter that will characterize their children, this mental and emotional imagery within me is enough to make the personal sacrifice of offering up my sexuality in the single life so that such families continue to exist, hopefully at some future time, in an era of peace, all the more worth while to me.

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