Beat the traffic blues with the diocese’s free iTunes downloads

By: Mariann Hughes, Office of Communications

Many times, 8 a.m. sees me, bleary-eyed, clutching a strong, hot cup of coffee as I navigate nerve-shattering traffic en route to my office here at the Diocese of Arlington. 4:30 p.m. sees me, minus the coffee, trying to find my way around post-workday Northern Virginia, often getting lost thanks to my woeful sense of direction, and often arriving 40 minutes late to the event I’m trying to get to. Like many in the D.C. area, I’m boggled by the amount of time I spend behind the wheel.

Diocese of Arlington ITunes

And so, I share a little tip to make your D.C. driving a little less white-knuckled: How about using the time to catch up on the engaging, insightful talks offered by the Diocese of Arlington at Theology on Tap? Or how about listening to Bishop Loverde’s most recent homily?

You can check out our Diocese of Arlington channel on iTunes. Visit here for free downloads to your iTunes and to subscribe to our channel. They are also all available on our website, here.

Here is just a sampling of the podcasts available:

  • Love football and the Redskins? Listen to Bill Lazor, a former ’Skins coach and now the offensive coordinator at U.Va., talk about why his faith is important to him while living in the athletic spotlight.
  • Listen to Bishop Paul S. Loverde reflect on his time as the shepherd of the Diocese of Arlington during the 36th Anniversary Mass at St. Thomas More Cathedral.
  • Interested in learning more on the charismatic movement? Hear an explanation from Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, director of post-novitiate formation for the Sacred Heart Province and a former vice president of mission effectiveness at Franciscan University of Steubenville.
  • Want some tips on how to improve communication in your relationships with others? Download the engaging, often humorous, two-part series by Art Bennett and Lisa Klewicki – it will be the perfect distraction for the next time you’re stuck in construction traffic! Or a good source of food for thought during your early-morning jogs.

Maybe you are like me. Perhaps you frequent the diocese’s Theology on Tap in Old Town Alexandria, but due to an accident on the Beltway or a lack of coffee in your diet that day, you have to forgo hanging out one Monday night at Pat Troy’s with your friends, Guinness in hand.

Bishop Loverde's Easter Homily

Or, maybe you are one of our parishioners who lives out in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley and can’t make it to a Mass with the Bishop in another part of the diocese. Or perhaps you are a busy parent who loves to stay on top of issues and new ideas related to your faith, but, unfortunately, that relationship seminar coincides with band practice or basketball games.

These podcasts are for you!

We encourage you to often visit back for new podcasts, and please contact us with any suggestions or feedback.

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