Happy Birthday Bishop Loverde!

By: Caitlin Forst, Office of Communications

Priests concelebrate with Bishop Loverde at Mass today

Today in our diocesan Church, we celebrate not only the Feast of St. Gregory the Great, but also the 70th birthday of Bishop Loverde. Here at the Chancery, we certainly welcomed the opportunity to thank God for the shepherd He has given us and to ask for the Lord’s continued blessings on Bishop Loverde.

During his homily at Mass today, Bishop Loverde talked about the necessity of a priest making himself a servant and shared some wisdom of Gregory the Great on this subject.

Celebrating Bishop Loverde

Rev. Mark Mealey, Vicar General of Administration, spoke for all of us when he said that Bishop Loverde, “certainly makes Christ present to us” through, among other things, the “charity that he shares with us each day.”

Please join me in saying a prayer today for Bishop Loverde and in thanksgiving for the many graces the Lord has given our diocesan Church.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bishop Loverde!

  1. Happy Birthday, Bishop Loverde!!! May God continue to bless your ministry and stewardship of the Arlington Diocese.

    David Trincellito
    St. Charles Borromeo Parishioner, and fellow 9/3 birthday celebrant!

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