Courage: the Truth about Human Sexuality

By: Caitlin Forst, Office of Communications

“Let us not be ashamed of the Church’s teaching but see in it a vindication of the person’s dignity and lofty, if difficult, calling.” (Rev. Paul Scalia)

Debates over the nature of homosexuality and the legality/constitutionality of same-sex unions have certainly been raging not only in the media, but in our culture at large. For many of us, it is easy to react to breaking news stories solely with our passions, yet we are called to examine these issues more fully. As Catholics we must also look at the reality of our human nature, our call to communion with God and our vocation to not only seek and spread the truth, but also to treat each person with dignity and love.


Rev. Paul Scalia


Rev. Paul Scalia, parochial administrator at St. John the Beloved Parish, has been the chaplain of Courage, a support group for men and women with same-sex attractions, for nearly six years. Recently, he wrote four columns in the Arlington Catholic Herald about the truth of human sexuality and the struggle of same sex attractions.

I encourage you to read these columns with a truly open and prayerful heart. I challenged myself to look at the reality of the Church’s teaching, not simply to take sides in a debate, but to look at the certainty of our human sexuality and respond in the way in which God is calling us.

If this is a topic which is relevant to your life, your conversations and your faith,  a conference will be held on Oct. 30 at Bishop O’Connell High School, hosted by the Office for Family Life, Institute for Catholic Culture and St. John the Beloved Catholic Church entitled “Speaking the Truth in Love.” Find out more here.

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