Where can you discover the treasure of a Catholic education?

By: Sr. Bernadette McManigal, BVM

Change is certainly in the air here in Northern Virginia. The leaves are turning from green to gold. The weather has a bite that was not present a few weeks ago. Next week, November 14-20, will bring Discover Catholic Schools Week. While schools welcome inquiries throughout the year, this week is particularly dedicated to helping parents make changes in their children’s lives by introducing them to the benefits of a Catholic education.

During Discover Catholic Schools Week, schools will be offering open houses and events that give prospective parents the opportunity to visit schools, meet faculty and staff, and ask discerning questions.

Some of these parents are in the military; they will be locating to the area from different parts of the country and world. Discover Catholic Schools Week gives them an opportunity to visit multiple schools in the area so that they can make the transition for their family as smooth as possible.

Other families are considering moving their children from public or private schools to our Catholic school system. Discover Catholic Schools Week presents them with a time to not only learn more about the high standards of academics at our schools, but also about the faith formation that is an integral part of a child’s growth as a student and a child of God.

Of course Discover Catholic Schools Week is also for first-time parents; they are looking for the perfect fit for their child. This event gives these parents a chance to acclimate themselves to the sometimes daunting task of sending their small child away to school for the first time. It’s a chance to meet the friendly faces of the faculty and staff who are devoted to their students and will lead each individual down the road of a challenging and formative education.

Visit our website to find a schedule of events and video on Catholic Schools Week. If you have an opportunity, please stop and visit one of our amazing schools next week and invite your neighbors and friends!

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