“God Never Forgets About Us”

By: Therese Bermpohl

Allow me to share with you a heartfelt note of thanks from a mother who was the recipient of your generous donations to the Office for Family Life’s Gabriel Project (outreach to pregnant women). I am reprinting it here with “Ellen”’s permission.

A new mother welcomes her baby into the world.

Dear Gabriel Project,

I’m Ellen. I’m writing this letter to you because I wanted to thank you for what you and the Project did for me. Thanks to you and your support every time I called you; I made it.

You helped me a lot with everything. It was really hard for me to become a mother. My life wasn’t on the right path to have a baby. But when I got to know about the Project and the way you guys helped me, it let me see that God exists and that there are people who work for Him to help people like me. I don’t know how to explain with words how thankful I am. I’m always going to remember you and I will never forget what you told me: “God never forgets about us.” Your words are big and I thank God for making a person like you, and the ones who work in the Gabriel Project.

Now my life is better than before. I’m glad to be a mother. My son’s name is Shaun Jesus. He is already one month old and when he grows I’m going to let him know about the angels who work in the Gabriel Project who make it possible that he lives. Thank you so much for everything that you did for me. God is going to keep blessing you for what you did for me. Thanks for not letting me fall and always being there for me.



Blog note: Gabriel Project Arlington helps pregnant women with long- or short-term needs by offering assistance at the parish level. It involves a network of churches, volunteers, crisis pregnancy centers and other agencies working together to assist the mother with physical, material, spiritual and emotional support. To find out ways to help this important ministry, visit here.  Thank you for giving the GIFT FOR LIFE.

One thought on ““God Never Forgets About Us”

  1. In modern America, it takes great courage for an unwed woman to bring an unplanned and initially unwanted child to term. There is often rejection by family, friends who can quickly become former friends, and coworkers.

    Although I am far from an expert in reproductive health, human sexuality, and the methods of social work and outreach, I am convinced that these women who bring their children to term are doing a great act of charity and such will not go un-noticed and unrewarded by GOD.

    As a physicist, I also disclaim expertise in apologetics and detailed knowledge of Church teaching on the subject of the scope of creation, but from informed reason alone, I can assure all those who read this post that the size of the spiritual cosmos increases with each conception and so any child that is concieved represents a noble aspect of human ontology.

    My proof for this assertion is none other than the statement, “With each act of conception, the number of elements in spiritual creation increases simply because a brand new immortal and spiritual soul is created.” This soul is indeed immortal, most likely by nature, but even if by grace only such as by grace universally bestowed by Christ’s Ressurection, all human souls will last forever, no matter whether they make their final life’s choice definatively for or against GOD. The Scriptural account of the universality of the Final Ressurection is clear regarding this matter.

    In a culture where unfortunately many Sunday Mass attending Catholics who are married and of child bearing age use artifical contraception, it is easy for some such married folks to look down on unwed mothers especially those of lower income levels. Even in cases where the child is concieved in a manner outside of wedlock where the conditions for full culpability are met, Christ is right there to welcome these woman just as he forgave the young Sumaritan woman weeping at His feet.

    Christ did not shy away from women who were caught in sinful relationsips, but rather showed all the more compassion for these couragious and strong women who had the grace to approach the Lord with humiliy. One of these women, Mary Magdeline (I assume I spelled her name correctly) became such a promenent Saint that her name is forever written in the pages of Sacred Scripture.

    Many young unwed mothers happen to have lived with great personal hurt and lack of acceptance, but the Lord does not shun these women nor their babies, even in the case of abortion. Truely many of the first will be last and the last will be first. While I am in no way encouraging abortion, I will state my deepest feelings and thoughts that my fellow scientists, many of whom enjoy high social-economic status, should never shun these young woman nor any unwed mothers; for such a lack of acceptance is certianly un-Christian at best, and at worst, resembles the Pharasees who ultimately lead to Our Lord’s Crucifixion.

    As a single middle aged man who has definatively made the choice to rermain single, I am finding an outlet for my respect for the beauty of women and femininity in general by responding to threads such as this one, and for promoting the dignity of all women. As a physicist who enjoys contemplating the size of the physical cosmos, the ever increasing size of the spiritual cosmos through conception is appealing to me from a psychological point of view.

    I would encourage many of my fellow physicists, some who have abandoned organized religion all together, to reconsider the depths of the physical and spiritual cosmos from the Catholic point of view. Certainly the physical body of Our Lady, now spiritualized and incorruptable, is exemplar of how Christ’s love for lowly women of modest means can raise up women, and give a whole new level of reality to mere bodily physical matter.



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