Will the New Translation of the Mass Impact Us?

By: Caitlin Forst, Office of Communications

Will the new translation of the Mass impact us?

Rev. Paul deLadurantaye will be holding workshops throughout the Diocese

The more than 100 people who attended the first of 6 monthly workshops being held across the diocese think it will. Last night at St. Agnes Parish in Arlington, Rev. Paul deLadurantaye, Diocesan Secretary for Catechetics and Sacred Liturgy, explained why the Mass will change beginning in Advent 2011 and how and what will change.

Why change the Mass?

Father explained that this was not a random decision to change things up. Rather, this new translation is based upon a new edition of the Latin text for the Mass – the Latin text from which every Mass in every language should be accurately translated.

How will it change?

The order of the Mass will not change. Father anticipated questions by telling attendees that the congregation will still sit, stand and kneel at the same times. What will change are many of the words.  How will they be different? They will more accurately reflect the Latin and point to their deeper Biblical roots – often resulting in more formally reverent prayers and responses.

What will change?

The U.S. Bishops offer resources and examples at http://www.usccb.org/romanmissal

Someone asked if the words of the Our Father would change. Fr. deLadurantaye replied that it would not. Many of the priests’ words, as well as responses, will be altered and, no doubt, result in an adjustment period as parishioners learn the new translation, which will be the official translation implemented throughout the English-speaking world. Please see below for the new order of the Mass and for more specifics about the changes.

More than just new words, Father reminded everyone that this translation is an opportunity for us to enter more deeply into the Mass, to learn the meaning of what we are saying during the liturgy which is, after all, the greatest prayer.

  • Find out when the next workshop is here.
  • Read Bishop Loverde’s column on the meaning of the new translation here.

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