Diaconate Ordination: Photos Reflect 16 New Deacons’ Eagerness to Serve

By: Mariann Hughes, Office of Communications

In a ceremony marked by beauty and joy, 16 men were ordained for service in the Arlington Diocese to the permanent diaconate by Bishop Paul S. Loverde on Jan. 15. at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More.

Fr. Ferguson, Episcopal Vicar for Faith Formation, presents the deacon candidates to Bishop Loverde.

A deacon candidate goes to Bishop Loverde and kneels before him, placing his joined hands between the bishop's.

The candidates prostrate themselves in the ancient gesture of supplication and the dying to self.

While the candidates lay on the steps, the cantor leads the faithful in the singing of a litany.

The litany is concluded by a prayer by Bishop Loverde.

The candidates again go to Bishop Loverde and kneel before him. He lays his hands on the head of each candidate in silence. The laying on of hands and the prayer of consecration which follows constitute the essential elements of the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

After the prayer of consecration, an assisting deacon or priest puts a deacon's stole and a dalmatic on the newly ordained. Here, Fr. Frank Hull, pastor of St. Joseph's, Alexandria, does so to Deacon Albert Anderson, Jr.

Vested as a deacon, the newly ordained goes to the bishop and kneels before him. Bishop Loverde presents the Book of Gospels to the deacon.

Bishop Loverde stands and gives the kiss of peace to each of the new deacons.

The new deacons are also greeted by the other deacons present.

This is a sign of welcome and fraternity within the Order of the Diaconate.

These 16 men will be crucial contributors to the vibrant faith life in the parishes to which they are assigned. They will serve by the Word, at the altar, and by acts of charity.

The men received much support at the Mass from their families, loved ones, parish priests, and the men currently in formation for the permanent diaconate.

Three wives of the deacons listen to the First Reading during the Mass.

Deacon Powers expressed the joy he anticipated here in this blog post. Rev. Thomas Ferguson and Bishop Loverde also blogged in anticipation of this joyful day.

Check the new deacon assignments on the diocesan website.

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