Act Today!: Insist that abortion clinics be regulated!

UPDATE: The Bill was passed and new regulations were put in place. Read more here.

Critical vote expected on Senate floor on Wednesday, February 23!

By: Jeff Caruso

Abortion is never morally acceptable and must always be opposed. Though legislation proposed at the state level cannot put an end to legal abortion, it can considerably reduce the number of abortions and prevent policies that favor the abortion industry.

Such is the case with SB 924, which requires the Board of Health to promulgate regulations containing health and safety standards for certain medical facilities. On Monday, February 21, the House amended this bill to include abortion clinics among those facilities. The bill now heads directly to the Senate floor, and if a majority of Senators approve the House amendment, the amended bill, with the requirement to regulate abortion clinics, will proceed to the Governor’s desk! This historic Senate vote is expected to occur the afternoon of Wednesday, February 23.

It is vitally important that you contact your Senator today by clicking here, scrolling down, and sending him or her the pre-drafted message or one like it.

Please forward or share this post with as many people as possible today, so that they too can insist that the state’s abortion industry not be exempt from commonsense safety standards.

You also are invited to join the Conference’s advocacy network, which would enable you to receive regular alerts and updates from the Conference directly by email on respect-life, social-justice, and education issues. If interested, please click here and complete the very short electronic form that is provided.


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