Solidarity of Men in Christ, a Catalyst for Spiritual Re-Awakening

By: Juan, a participant at the first annual Men’s Conference in March 2010

I never thought of myself as the type of person that would benefit from a men’s conference, probably because of my narcissism.  I also didn’t see myself as fitting in with men who I viewed as “too religious” or even “cheesy.”

I didn’t think I would fit in and, even though I agreed to go, I was a bit guarded. I wanted to get something out of the conference but change is difficult. I could sense that I was changing and that the event was going to be another catalyst for positive change. I am so thankful that I participated because it absolutely was.

This year's conference will take place at St. Joseph, Herndon

It is hard to point at one thing or person that impacted me the most. When I first arrived at the conference I tried to keep to myself but time and again men would say hello and draw me out.  I could feel the positive, accepting and loving attitude of the men at the conference and I soon put my guard down.

Then came the speakers: Father Scalia, Congressman Smith and Captain Guy Gruters. These men spoke about family, manly responsibilities, life, death, struggle, and how Jesus Christ could lead us through it all. Their passion and fervor impressed me to tears at times.

Bishop Loverde and diocesan priests celebrate Mass at last year's conference

However, I do often point to the Mass at the end of the conference as the highlight. The event culminated with a Mass celebrated by Bishop Loverde. I have never been in a mass with only men. The power of 400 men, together in worship, singing, praying, in communion together was crucial to my transformation.

The men’s conference was an integral part of my spiritual re-awakening.  I have re-established my relationship with my wife and family. My mental, physical and emotional life is in balance. And I give the glory to God the Almighty!

For more information about this year’s Conference, to take place on March 19, and to register, visit: The Men’s Conference.

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