Keep embryo-destroying research companies out of Virginia

By: Jeff Caruso

Between 2004 and 2010, five new state research programs have been created. Each of the five includes a provision making it clear that no company can benefit from the program if it performs research on embryonic stem cells or aborted fetuses within Virginia’s borders.

However, the biotech industry has recently been engaged in an aggressive two-fold push: (1) for more lucrative state financial incentives, and (2) against restrictions supported by pro-life advocates on incentive-seeking companies that conduct life-destroying research. Given this activity, a state policy is needed more than ever to push back on behalf of Virginia taxpayers, so that we are not forced to finance entities that conduct unethical, immoral, and destructive research.

Please click here, scroll down, and then click “Send Message” to weigh in on this critical issue. Ask the Governor to propose policies to ensure that, across all state programs, Virginia consistently tells companies they are not welcome if they bring research that requires human lives to be destroyed to our Commonwealth.

Please share this with others who may have the same concerns. Also, please consider signing up for the Virginia Catholic Conference’s email network so that you can receive alerts like this directly in the future.

Thank you for advocating for the sanctity of human life.


One thought on “Keep embryo-destroying research companies out of Virginia

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