The Rosary – Do you pray it?

By: Caitlin Forst

If you are a Catholic, you are most likely familiar with the Rosary. In fact, many Catholics would agree that praying for Mary’s intercession can be a powerful part of our faith life. Yet, how many of us actually pray on a daily basis? Can you remember the last time you knelt down and meditated on the mysteries of Christ’s life, asking for the grace to faithfully live your life?

We know that prayer brings us closer to God and often brings peace into our hearts – but we just don’t seem to have the time to fit it in. We spend the 15 minutes that it takes to pray the Rosary doing other things – flipping through our iPhones or watching commercials in between television shows.

Fifteen minutes is not much to devote to praying to the God who not only made us, but also gave His life for us. As Fr. Hathaway explains in this short video, praying the Rosary is definitely worth the commitment!

These pilgrimage events (starting with one this Sunday, March 27 at Holy Trinity Church in Gainesville at 7 p.m.), outlined in the video and on this web page, are opportunities to reacquaint yourself with the Rosary. Consider making this devotion a priority in your life – remember that God can never be outdone in generosity!

Link: Need a refresher on how the Rosary is actually prayed? Check out the Arlington Catholic Herald’s spread:

3 thoughts on “The Rosary – Do you pray it?

  1. I can’t think of a better parish to begin this pilgrimage. Don’t get me wrong, my parish is great but Holy Trinity is just, in my opinion, the flagship of Arlington’s parishes.

  2. We need more folks praying the Rosary especially leaders of the U.S. Supreme Court, the NSA, the CIA, the D.O.D, the legislative branch of the government, and the current administration, and also all of the still living former presidents. However, they need to heed its message in their policy making decisions.

    For example, first we in the United States are all responsible for 1.1 million murders each year if only by acquiescence to a government that has legalized abortion. Imagine that, 50 million murders since Roe Vs. Wade!

    Second, we are responsible, especially the CIA, the D.O.D. military and civilian leadership, the NSA, the last several and current administrations, the Supreme Court justices, and the legislators for killing at least 200,000 to perhaps as much as a million Iraqis in the so-called Shock and Awe campaign. Think of it, perhaps 2 million Iraqi children cried themselves to sleep because they knew that their Daddy or Mommy just got killed.

    Third, we are responsible for acquiescing to the permission of openly gay behavior in the military. I would never joint the military at this point even if I was half my age of my current 49 years, because I would be morally bound to instruct those acting on queer impulses that they are committing mortal sins.

    Fourth, 90 percent of all baptized married and cohabitating Catholics of fertile age practice artificial contraception. For those duped clergymen that say I am wrong, I must say, RRRrrrriiight! I never see families with more than 3 kids in Church with their parents any more if rarely even that. I come from a family of 6 children, my Dad had 7 siblings and 13 step siblings. My mother’s parents came from similarly large families. So why are there so many married couples including those who are members of the Knights of Columbus as I am who have stopped having kids after having only two? Perhaps they have been sterilized, use artificial contraception, and/or practice the mortal sin of oral sex.

    Fifth, we are hell bent on raping the Earth to maintain an oil based economy when there are plenty of viable solar energy, wind, biofuel, hydro-electric, and ocean wave energy technologies, and novel and safe nuclear fission reactor concepts. In my rightfully not so humble and angry opinion, it is all about keeping the population under manipulated control by corporate and government control. You so-called oil glutton conservatives, well conservative means sustainability oriented or conservatory. By the way, all you fellow Knights who think I am an environmentalist wacko, I come from the ranks of non-other than Pope Benedict XIV who has made environmental stewardship and sustainability a theme of his Papacy. By the way, environmental destruction is now classified as a sin, a mortal sin when the destruction is serious.

    Sixth, vocation directors are sending a wrong message when they admit former cohabitators and fornicators into programs of candidacy. These priests to be will be lax in the confessional regarding assigning penance to gays, lesbians, cohabitators, fornicators, sodomizers.

    Seventh, so-called conservative Catholics who are openly and publically adverse to Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, and SSDI benefits going to those who are the second most vulnerable in our society after the unborn should not feel to lax in conscience when money that could have gone to social services was and is instead used to kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans. I can assure you some of those so called free-loafers have Crosses are much more severe than those of veterans with PTSD. Where the hell were those WMDs in Iraq anyway?

    Eighth, conservative Catholics, layity and clergymen alike, who ridicule those who are against laissez-faire Capitalism should note that Pope Benedict XIV has spoken out against laissez-faire Capitalism in strongly worded terms. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I believe in socially responsible and truly Catholic Capitalism, not Corrupt Capitalism.

    Ninth, cutting back on manned space exploration technologies and manned space exploration is about as scientifically sinful as one can get. By populating ever far out into the galaxy and beyond, we will have so much space that we will not need artificial contraception. I am an interstellar propulsion physicist with numerous very technical, and yes mathematical, books on interstellar space propulsion technologies and concepts in planning stages, and so I know that this very Century, we can get to the stars, even in the lifetimes of some of your children and grand-children. Uncle Sam, what’s Ya hiding anyhow?

    You think that this is funny, well remember Our Lady of Fatima’s message that more souls go to Hell for sins of the flesh than for any other single reason. She also said that the poor country of Russia will spread its errors around the world and will be the instrument of punishment for the many sins that offend Our Lady and Our Lord, and GOD THE FATHER, and the HOLY SPIRIT.

    Thus, if the sins, most especially the one’s mentioned above in the nine broad examples are not strongly mitigated. I have to tell you than many nations will be annihilated. We might be one of them.

    Our Lady was prudent in Her choice of Her words here. Annihilation means complete erasure. At the hands of a rightfully and angry somewhat humiliated Russia, this most likely means annihilation by nuclear weapons.

    Personally, I think that Russia in some ways is skirting the new Start Treaty. Please note that they publically state that they have over 10 tactical nuclear weapons in storage. The real number is likely much greater. They have done R&D on 150 + megaton nuclear weapons which are thus each 12,000 times the yield of the device that instantly killed 80,000 Japanese that we dropped over Hiroshima and another 50,000 who died in the days and weeks afterward from third and fourth degree burns.

    All you veterans who have had your leg blown off by an IED, trust me, having your entire back charred to carbon to a one centimeter and followed by another 1/2 centimeter of dead flesh, followed by another centimeter of dying flesh would be always terminally fatal by any medical standards even today, and such injuries are agonizing beyond comprehension, provided you would not die immediately from shock and metabolic poisons which would be the fate of 99.9999 percent of persons so afflicted. Well a 500 kiloton warhead typical of the modern U.S. and Russian arsenals will do this to all persons out in the open, even from bomb light reflected off buildings at a range of 4 1/2 miles. A 150 megaton war head will do this at a range of 100 miles.

    Regarding the effects of a 500 kiloton nuclear weapon on people within 1 mile of ground zero, well let’s just say that their bodies are completely vaporized in a faction of one thousandth of a second.

    Some spiritual writer’s have suggested that the miracle of the Sun at Fatima portents symbolically multi-megaton airburst nuclear weapons detonations and that the immediate effects of such weapons might simply be the start of Hell. Heck, for all of you folks who want to believe the ETI are better than we humans, please note that in many so-called close encounters with ETI, the ETI have expressed that grave concern that nuclear weapons can and do destroy human souls, and also ETI, and UTI souls. Philosophically speaking, how spiritual can a human, any ETI, and any UTI soul be so spiritual if it can be substantially related and united to a human body, ETI body, or an ethereal, but yes, nonetheless physical UTI body. Heck, I do not even hear clergymen mentioned an immortal by nature human soul any more. They seem to suggest that the only way we have eternal life is by Divine Grace, while equating eternal life with simply life beyond the grave. Personally, we will all be Resurrected for an eternity spent in Hell, any Limbo, or Heaven on the last day. What agony or destruction can come before than is any ones guess.

    Our Lady of Akita Japan warned in the 1970’s, and no, not at the beginning of the 20 Century, that the great portion of mankind will be wiped out by fire that falls from Heaven. She stated that none of the Clergymen nor any of the faithful nor any within the ranks of the sinner be spared. The survivors will be so desolate so as to even the dead and the punishment will be such as the world have never seen before even much more severe then the great Deluge of Noah’s time.

    You don’t believe me, well both of these apparitions are Church Approved. Check it out for yourself and find out the truth.

    Am I angry, yes I am, but GOD THE FATHER who is the ultimate head honcho, in fact so much so that His Divine Son, is deferent to HIM as clearly seen in the Gospels and Epistles, is much angrier. YES, GOD can and indeed does have emotions and emotions do count. Stop the hoity, toity spiritualistic intellectualistic crap. Your brain I can assure you can be erase from physical existence in less than one millionth of a second by a nuclear explosion as well as the rest of your body, even if you are some new age Eastern mysticism crap believing Shaolin Monk.

    Think I am a flaky waffy wimp, well I might be somewhat of a wimp, but not to the extent that I cannot get up and express my viewpoints on Encourage and Teach. By the way, I have already posted these comments in full on my website, so they will be publically viewable even if you choose to delete them here.

    Sorry if I have offended anyone, but I just had to vent.

  3. I had an opportuinity for personal reflection about The Final Ressurection of all humanity at the End of Time as I was saying the Rosary yesterday, and thus came to the conclusion that I should apologize for some of the above strongly worded language and to offer a personal vision of the Ressurection from the perspective of a post modern era Catholic Physicist who recites the dailly Rosary. To tell you the truth, as an extrovert, I am not embarrassed by the above somewhat inappropriate out-burst, however, I do feel that I was overly critical and unfair, especially to our veterans who put their lives on the line to defend us. I must give advice to other simmilarly temperamental folks to not spend so much time on the internet reading dailly news reports as I do unless this is a duty for your employment. The news can be as negative of political-science fiction and the daily horrors detailed in TV and internet news reports can get you worked up. Take some time away from electronic media and recite the Rosary instead.

    By understanding matter, raw physical inanimate matter, at ever more deeper levels, we can get a feel for what our immortalized, utterly incorruptible, spiritualized, and transformed human bodies including our brains will be like at the Final Resurrection of the Dead.

    Perhaps we could approach an empirical understanding of Prime Matter or the ultimate substratum of mass-energy-space-time that has only been open to philosophical and metaphysical speculation up to this point in human history through ever more elaborate particle physics experiments. We might first uncover additional non-hidden variables such as additional forces, fundamental particles, or even sub-structures to the fundamental particles that we currently know about.

    We might thus be able experimentally verify space time foam or the Yelm of 1950s era Big Bang Theory. This space time foam would be a roiling meta-material composed of undifferentiated space time foam which would be more properly characterized as space-time-mass-energy foam. This roiling, chaotic, randomly fluctuating foam, if it is real, would have bubbles, arcs, bridges, and the like at a level below the Planck Length and Planck Time scales all the way down to infinitesimal scales. Note that the Planck Length is equal to [ћ G/(c3)]1/2 ~ 1.6 x 10-35 meter and [ћ G/(c5)]1/2 ~ 5.39 x 10-44 second.

    We might thereby qualitatively approach physical reality at the prime matter level or at the first principle mass-energy-space-time analogue level of the first created spiritual principle level of the substance of the human soul. Understanding prime matter as such is a potentially fascinating endeavor simply because prime matter cannot be corrupted in its moral nature by sin. We can stain and dis-figure our spiritual and immortal souls by sin but not so with prime matter. Prime matter as such may in a sense be more immutable and unchangeable than the human soul.

    Since the human body in all cases is destined to arise incorruptible and is very weak in its present mortal form, one wonders as to whether or not the reformation of the Resurrected human body out of and into a prime matter form might be in order. After all, what is sown in weakness and in dishonor will arise incorruptible on the last day.

    We might thus not only discover hidden quantum variables, but also hidden gauge transformation variables, hidden classical variables, and the like.

    However, assuming prime matters and human spiritual and immortal souls exist, there may be other forms of first principle created elements of creation which we will refer to as prime-whatevers1. Could there not also exist yet other forms which we will label primewhatevers2, primewhatevers3, primewhatevers4, …, primewhatevers(ensemble),…, primewhatevers(infinity scrapper), …, primewhatevers(Omega),…, primewhatevers(Aleph 0), …, primewhatevers(Aleph 1), …, primewhatevers(Aleph 2), and so on in a never ending and perhaps ever growing series commensurate with GOD’s ever superabundant creation agenda according to HIS Divine Economy. One thing I feel for certain is that the depths, variety, and numbers of GOD’s creations will continue to grow in an ever more superabundant manner for all eternity.

    Note the following notations for hyper operators. H0 (a,b) = b + 1; H1 (a,b) = a + b; H2 (a,b) = a x b: H3 (a,b) = ab; H4 (a,a) equal a tetrated a or a raised to the power of itself a times. For example, H4 (10, 10) equals 10 tetrated 10 or ten to the power of ten to the power of ten to the power of ten to the power of ten to the power of ten to the power of ten to the power of ten to the power of ten to the power of ten to the power of ten. H5 (a,a) equal a pentated a or a or a tetrated to itself a times. Likewise, there exists H6 (a,b), H7 (a,b), H8 (a,b) and so on ad infinitum.

    Now Aleph 0 is the infinite number of integers. Aleph 1 is greater than Aleph 0 by a multiplicative factor of infinity and is the number of real numbers. Likewise, there exists the transfinite or infinite Aleph number of Aleph 2 which is greater than Aleph 1 by a multiplicative factor of infinity. And so the series of ever greater Aleph numbers exists such as Aleph 3, Aleph 4, Aleph 5, …, Aleph (Aleph 0), …, Aleph (Aleph 1), …, Aleph (Aleph 2), …, Aleph (Aleph 3), …, Aleph (Aleph (Aleph 0)), …, Aleph (Aleph (Aleph 1)), …, Aleph (Aleph (Aleph 2)) and this abstract patterned serial notation goes literally onward forever, for all unending eternity. My guess is that the number of other forms of first principle created elements of creation that are fundamentally different from pure created spiritual first principles and prime matter(s) as these later two principles are different from each other, at least as potentialities for GOD to create is literally commensurate with the above series.

    We speak of GOD as all powerful, well GOD is all POWERFUL in his ability to create in both number of persons, elements of creation, as well as in classes, species, forms, categories, and the like as such. We might say that GOD’ss power to create is greater than HIS power to destroy, that latter nonetheless also being as aspect of HIS ALL MIGHTY WILL, because creation is much more noble than destruction and is open ended. More can always be added to creation, but creation cannot be reduced beyond absolute negation. If something is reduced to nothing, it cannot be more reduced to nothing. To argue against this notion is like saying the number 3 can be more 3 than itself, or a line can be more horizontal than perfect horizontal-ness.

    Truly, space and time may be just one limited aspect of inanimate creation. However, it has been speculated by certain postmodern theologians that raw mass and energy, perhaps even at the levels that we can observe, are simply material urges to live. The natural evolution and development of life on Earth and the existence of sentient and intelligent non-human animal life forms on Earth may be pointing us to such an interpretation.

    Our Human Bodies are all destined to be Resurrected whole and complete as the exact self-same body that they were before bodily death. This includes the bodies of those who go to Hell, those who go directly to Heaven, those who first must atone in Purgatory, and those who go to any form of Limbo. The Resurrected human bodies will have thier own Incorruptible Life definitively granted to them and will be spiritualized in ways that are beyond our current understanding according the new Catechism of the Catholic Church. The bodies of the just will be perfect in appearance, and will no longer suffer any form of pain, stress, or distress.

    In a way, Christ Resurrected Body which is also the Body and Blood of the Consecrated Sacramental Species is a prototype of our to be Resurrected Bodies with all of the graces, glories, and wonders such entails.

    It has been especially noted by Eschatologists or theologians who study things such as the Final Resurrection of the Dead that even the Souls who go to Hell will have their bodies Resurrected on the Last day in an incorruptible form. These incorruptible bodies will undergo some sort of suffering or deprivation, sometimes referred to as being caused by fire as a metaphor, but the exact details of this suffering are veiled to our current understanding. If the bodies of those in Hell will be re-united to these souls, and last utterly forever, even the Resurrected Bodies of those who go to Hell will have utter incorruptibility. Otherwise, how would they last and keep their personal identity literally for utterly all eternity. Even if bodily immortality of the Human Person to be Resurrected is by grace only, then at some level, we would consistently have to accept the notion that even the Souls who go to Hell will have bodies with the attribute of Divine Grace. The same is true with a gratuitously immortal human soul. If human souls are not immortal by grace, then they are immortal in nature, and by nature such that for the case in which human souls who go to Hell who have absolutely no grace, the quality of such immortality must necessarily be inherent in the Soul itself.

    So, for all of you anorexics and others who suffer from poor body image, or who were or are the victims of bodily weakness such as in cases of bullying, physical diminutive size, or who do not like having a body, fear not, you will get your body back but it will be a spiritual body, for what is sown in weakness will arise in glory, what is sown in dishonor will arise incorruptible and immortal.

    As for my extroverted overly corpulent 400 pound self, I feel that I expressed some ligament frustration in my previous post above, but perhaps I went overboard into bullying. I thought about this for two days and thus felt the need to obtain sacramental absolution for my overall negative attitude the led to perhaps some indiscretionary overly strongly worded language as occurred in the previous post at E &T. Note that I can be temperamental at times, more so than average, and so I will hereby make an apology to any and all folks I have offended in my previous post. For all of you folks who can at times similarly sound off in a indescretionarilly overly zealous manner, take some advice from a fellow hot head, think before you post.

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