Giving Life Through Pregnancy Assistance

By: The Office For Family Life

Parishioners throughout the diocese volunteer as “Gabriel Angels” with the Gabriel Project Arlington (GPA) to help families who need pregnancy assistance. We wish to share with you some of the latest feedback and stories about this life-giving ministry.

Baby Connor

It is uncommon that we have contact with Gabriel fathers, but when a mom speaks a language other than English or Spanish, her husband may take charge of communication with the Gabriel Project. One father, who has attentively overseen the care of his wife during her first pregnancy, called to announce the birth of their daughter. “It’s like you really are angels. It’s because of [Gabriel Project] that this process went so smoothly. Thank you for being so helpful and attentive to our needs, I just can’t thank you enough. Our baby is so new and perfect; every day is like a new day, now that I am a father.”

Baby Gianna

When the daughter of one of our GPA Tepeyac moms was born prematurely, she called Gabriel Project for prayers. “I am very worried for my baby, but I keep giving everything to God, to Mary our Mother.” The one-pound baby and her mother were visited in the hospital by Holy Spirit Parish volunteers, who offered prayers and encouragement for both the mom and the baby. Two weeks after her birth, the baby was reported to have made significant gains and is now able to breathe on her own.

Barbara, a volunteer, from Good Shepherd Parish shared about a special day with the mother she was assisting: “I wanted to make sure she was able to share in the most important part of Easter, the celebration of Mass.” The mom and her two daughters really loved Mass and Barbara also introduced them to a priest afterwards.

A mom, who when she first came to us was abortion-minded, shared about her “Angel” and free Lamaze classes: “I don’t know how to describe Lisa, but she was such a wonderful companion, we spent the whole day together, and she helped me with other activities as well. Truly, she was an angel. Thank you — I look forward to seeing her again this weekend.”

The babies pictured are twins who were born with support from St. Theresa Parish, Ashburn. Welcome to the world Connor and Gianna!

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