Christ, the Evangelist

By: Rev. Jose E. Hoyos
Director, Spanish Apostolate

As Christians seeking to live with intensity, devotion and great faith, we must acknowledge that Christ has definitely been the greatest evangelist of all time! Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of what an evangelist should be.

 To proclaim Christ, each person should first have a personal relationship with Him. It is this example of a relationship with Him that will lead all to desire to be His disciples, and to recognize and repent of the sin in their lives. This experience leads to a deep conversion experience, particularly received through the Sacrament of Baptism.

If we are faithful to the Word of God, evangelization will increase among Christians. This evangelization will be welcomed by all men, because it is born in the Holy Spirit, who creates unity in diversity, and strengthens and aids us in our ministries. We will bear fruit if we listen to the Holy Spirit as we address the needs of today’s world, especially when we commit to be true missionaries in this century. The world today will only find hope and new achievements through the saving example of Jesus!

The new evangelization is a response to the problems posed by the disconnect in our country between faith and life. That disconnect produces dramatic situations of injustice, social inequality and violence. We Christians must face the great task of infusing renewed energy to all Christians. The New Evangelization requires recognizing the rich and abundant Christian values ​​that exist within our communities, and enhancing our communities while seeking to correct past deficiencies.

Jesus Christ calls us currently through evangelization to change our lives and the course of history, fulfilling the hope of new life. This is the foundation of human development, based on forming an authentic Catholic culture. This evangelization in our Church can only bring a new vitality, a new Pentecost, where the presence of the Holy Spirit will bring forth a nation renewed, consisting of free men and women aware of their dignity, able to forge a truly human history.

Evangelization must generate evangelized and evangelizing Catholics, who are agents of human development and a culture that focuses on Catholic identity. Society will only change when we require our society to teach and practice more values!

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