Two Different Kinds of Heroes

By: Therese Bermpohl

Did you see the final episode of American Idol last night?  I admit, I saw parts of it.  I watched with curiosity as the two Christian teens battled it out to gain the title of “American Idol.”  Their parents waited in anticipation and copious tears were shed as the name “Scotty” was shouted out to the millions of viewers – the newest “American Idol.”

The final show was a bizarre mixture of wholesome and decadent American values.  On the one hand, there were the two young teens who professed to love God and value what is right, as they said things like, “I have to be good, because my principal is here tonight,” and “Thank you, Lord.”

On the other hand, there was Lady Gaga, with a performance that could’ve made even Mae West blush.  Lady Gaga, Catholic girl turned rock icon, sang her latest song in a skimpy two-piece costume while provocatively dancing (if you could call it that) with a man lying on a makeshift stage, all while a cross dangled from the upper part of her ensemble. She received a standing ovation from the riveted audience.

This is apparently fortune and fame?  One is forced to wonder what was going through the minds of the two American Idol finalists and their parents as Gaga performed for the millions of viewers.  By supporting these sorts of performances, what are we saying to the world that we value and esteem?

Earlier that day, on a different kind of stage, in stark contrast to American Idol, I watched a video on Christian persecution throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  I heard testimony after testimony from those who, despite horrible tortures, refused to renounce Christ and from those who watched as beloved family members were murdered for their adherence to the Faith.

As I ponder the frivolity of the standards of the American entertainment industry that make an idol out of fame, I am grateful to God for the witness of so many faithful Christians.  They are a reminder of what is most important in life:  faithfulness, obedience, love and respect for the dignity of the human person.

Let us take a cue from our brave Christian brothers and sisters who have the courage to face torture and death for the love of Jesus Christ.  Let us remember them in prayer and through sacrifice, these modern-day martyrs who shed their blood for the good of the world.  Through their example, may we be inspired to stand up for Christ and speak the truth in a world that values money and fame above all else.

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