Coming this Advent: The New Translation of the Mass

As you may know from preparation and announcements in your parishes, we will begin to use the new translation of the Mass on the First Sunday of August. The next several months provide us with the opportunity to learn more about the translation and how it will enrich our prayer.

Workshops continue to be offered throughout our diocese that explain why the changes are taking place and what they will entail (You can see a full schedule here).

Since all of us are accustomed to the responses that we have been using for years, the new translation is bound to be a bit of a transition. Therefore, all of the parishes will have pew cards so that it is easy to follow along with the new changes.

While you’ll be seeing them in your parishes soon, below is the pew card that we are using in the Diocese of Arlington.

2 thoughts on “Coming this Advent: The New Translation of the Mass

  1. These cards will be a great help for people. But since they are designed to assist with the principal parts of the Mass “prayed by the people” wouldn’t it make more sense to have the priest’s words in regular font and the people’s responses in bold instead of the other way around? The laminated cards from Liturgy Training Publications have the assembly’s responses in bold and it’s very easy to see them — even in a dimly lit church.

    Since thousands of these cards have already been ordered this is probably a moot point.

    • We agree with you that it is more typical for the people’s responses to be bold. After some time looking at different versions, however, we decided to do it this way because the card is primarily people’s responses. Therefore, there was an overwhelming amount of bolded text, making it more difficult to read. We tried as best we could to test different design options with a variety of people; hopefully they will work well enough for everyone to make good use of them.

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