Pray for Student as they begin the academic year!

One of the Pope’s prayer intentions for September is: “That all teachers may know how to communicate love of the truth and instill authentic moral and spiritual values.”

By: Sr. Bernadette McManigal, B.V.M.

You know autumn is around the corner when there is crispness in the morning air and yellow school buses make their appearance once again! This week, schools in the Diocese of Arlington opened their doors to the 2011-2012 academic year. Principals, teachers and staff have spent the summer preparing classrooms and lesson plans to welcome back their students.

There have been a few changes in our office as well. We have a new Director of Enrollment, Marketing and Special Projects. Mrs. Reneé Q. White, previously principal of St. Luke School in McLean, joined us this summer. Reneé will bring energy and creativity to this position.

We also have three new principals this year: Mr. Art Fairweather at St. John the Evangelist School, Mr. Mark Cozensa at St. Luke School, and Mrs. Wendy Murphy at Epiphany School. I wish them the best as they begin a new year.

Every year we strive to create a faith-filled environment which will inspire our students both now and in the future. We ask your prayers that God will bless our efforts!

One thought on “Pray for Student as they begin the academic year!

  1. Hi Folks;

    Just thought to mention to the E&T readership that I apologize for some of the heated, moralistic, imposing, right-wing-ish, and self-righteous rhetoric I have at times posted over the previous several months.

    When I first started blogging about 5 years ago, I was almost overwhelmed by the blogging concept and as with most kids including big 49 year old kids like my current self, I behaved in a somewhat precocious and immature manner.

    Considering that some of my moralistic comments have involved an over zealous interpretation of the Catholic Faith, I have no doubt offended some of the E&T readership.

    Please understand that these moral high-horse types of online comments of mine, are out of character with how people would likely perceive me in personal face to face contact, and so do not feel put off if I have said something that has offended you.

    When folks are relatively new in the blogosphere as I am, the unaminity of saying exactly what you feel at a whim can be all too easy on-line. I would caution all folks to be carefull of what you post and if the post is zealously emotionally charged as my comments have been at times, the best way to handle the situation is to refrain from posting for at least a day or so, and then to go back and look at the comments another day to see if you really want the comments out there. Chances are you will change your mind.

    Anyhow, all future comments of mine on the topic of Catholic Faith and Morals will be self-censored in a most rigorous manner using the following criteria.

    1) The post must not display any anger.

    2) The post must not be for personal self-aggrandizement.

    3) The post must be all-inclusive of the whole of humanity which implies that the post must be written in a manner such that it draws folks closer to GOD.

    4) The post must be gently worded.


    5) The post must display sensitivity.

    To the extent that I have failed in any one or combination of these criteria, I apologize to the E&T readership. Rest assure, I have taken personal measures such at the ones mentioned above to prevent this from happening again.

    I guess the real point here is that we adults; whether lay persons, single, married, consecrated religious, or clergymen, need to take stock at how we influence grade-school age youth. Youth are very intuitive and have not yet developed a certian psychological enamored-ness that can filter out social nuances though maturity of intellect. I find that the best way to lead youth to GOD is for one to simply be themselves.

    Youth are very good at picking out actors. I have been a very big actor at times especially when I gobble down a Wendy’s tripple baconator combo meal, large, with seemingly indifference to how folks will percieve such gluttony. However, I am happy to report that as a Weight Watcher, I have gone from 425 pounds to 378.4 pounds over the past 1/2 year and so have decided to take some of my own advice.



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