Good for students, good for schools, good for taxpayers

By: Jeff Caruso

Parental choice in education is a fundamental right which the Catholic Church has long recognized, and for which the Virginia Catholic Conference has consistently advocated in the Virginia General Assembly.
This issue will be a hotly debated topic in the upcoming Virginia General Assembly session, which begins in mid-January. At that time, the Conference will renew its advocacy for the Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit bill, which would provide tax credits to businesses that make donations toward scholarships that enable economically disadvantaged children to attend nonpublic K-12 schools.
The Conference has unveiled a new video in an effort to win passage of the bill, which will provide greater educational opportunities for more Virginia students. For the last two years this legislation has fallen just two votes short of passage. Grassroots support is essential if it is to pass in 2012.

The Conference collaborated with the Catholic Schools Offices in Richmond and Arlington, the Mid-Atlantic Catholic Schools Consortium and the Diocese of Arlington’s Office of Communications on the short video to generate greater interest in advocacy for the scholarship tax credit bill. “The Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit: Taking Action for a Brighter Tomorrow” (produced by Triune Production Studios LLC) is designed to increase understanding and involvement in legislative advocacy among parents, Catholic school educators, parishioners, and the public.
The bill’s benefits for local communities and Catholic schools are three-fold. The bill would:

  • Provide critical support for low-income students desiring a Catholic education.
  • Support long-term viability of Catholic schools through sustained enrollment.
  • Save all Virginia taxpayers money.

Please watch the video and send it on to your friends, and urge them to join the Conference’s email advocacy network. We are working to build momentum so that, with your help this upcoming session, the Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit will become a reality!

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