Focus on the Family This Fall

By: Bishop Paul S. Loverde

As it gets colder in our area, busy schedules are definitely picking up the pace. If you are anything like me, you have more meetings at work, more social events to attend and more tasks to complete before winter. As we prioritize all of these things, Bishop Loverde has been encouraging us lately to focus on living out the faith in our families.

  • This past spring, he wrote about the gift that marriage is to so many of us. He writes: “Matrimony is a natural reality for humanity, a good thing created by God for the mutual love and support of man and woman and the procreation and rearing of children. In marriage man and woman form a beautiful living image of the Triune God as they live in a bond of self-giving love and welcome new life into the world” Read more here.
  • Several weeks ago, Bishop Loverde gave us four pillars on which to base our family life. He gives practical ways to integrate our faith into our lives – yes, even with our very busy schedules! Read more here.
  • In this week’s Herald, the Bishop focuses on how we can integrate the liturgical year into our homes. Consider reading through his suggestions and seeing if you would like to adopt any of these traditions in your home. Read more here.
In these columns, Bishop Loverde shares some of the traditions and ways that he has integrated the faith into his life. How does your family celebrate your faith? Are there special feast days you recognize, family traditions that you keep alive for holidays?

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