Devoting our hearts to Christ’s heart

Christ reveals the Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary

Several weeks ago, as a diocese and in individual parishes, we consecrated ourselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We said to the Lord “We give Your our actions, our desires, our troubles, our joys and our sufferings” and that “It will always be our heart’s desire to love You more and more.”

It was a beautiful prayer, but I have to admit that actually fulfilling these pledges is more difficult than it first appears. What is my heart’s desire? What does that really mean?

Saint Josemaria Escriva preached a homily which certainly cuts to the chase about what it means to devote our hearts to Christ’s Heart. He writes,

“When holy Scripture refers to the heart, it does not refer to some fleeting sentiment of joy or tears. By heart it means the personality which directs its whole being, soul and body, to what it considers its good, as Jesus himself indicated: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Matt 6:21)

So when we talk about the heart of Jesus, we stress the certainty of God’s love and the truth of his commitment to us. When we recommend devotion to the sacred heart, we are recommending that we should give our whole self to Jesus, to the whole Jesus — our soul, our feelings and thoughts, our words and actions, our joys.”

So if Christ is my heart’s desire, then I really should give Him everything…my struggles, my joys, the details of each day. According to Saint JoseMaria this devotion does not go unrewarded; after all God (the Author of love) loves us unreservedly, He is committed to us, we can trust Him.

Each day, then, through our consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I should strive to know myself and offer myself fully to the Lord. As Saint JoseMaria tells us:

“That is what true devotion to the heart of Jesus means. It is knowing God and ourselves. It is looking at Jesus and turning to him, letting him encourage and teach and guide us.

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