“My Baby’s Name will Be Gabriel”

The Gabriel Project set to Celebrate 10 Years of Active Ministry

Did you know the Gabriel Project has been actively offering pregnancy assistance in the Diocese of Arlington for ten years? We wanted to share with you what some recent parents have had to say about the difference this ministry has made in the lives of their families.

Please pray for these expectant parents, for their babies and for all those who are involved in this life-supporting ministry. If you want to become more involved, check out the Gabriel Project website.

The Gabriel Project Assists Parents:

ImageWith the Heart of Christ, making a difference to expectant mothers

One mom came to visit us some weeks ago to pick up an Easter basket donated by Blessed Sacrament Church’s Gabriel Project.

She told us: “When I didn’t have any other options for my pregnancy, I saw a Gabriel Project ad in the Herald and I called you. And you were really kind and sweet and showed me that there was hope and options.  You guided me to different resources, and I have been so grateful. Thank you for all you have done for me, especially for taking the time to listen to me.”

“That is the reason my baby’s name will be Gabriel”

In their faith journey

We recently had a conversation with a mom we are assisting who has no family in the state, just lost her job, has no money for rent, and was struggling with feelings of desperation.

Gabriel Project volunteer: “We talked about the importance of having a good relationship with God and the power of prayer. We encouraged her to pray to Our Lady and to entrust all her concerns to Mary.”

“Two days later, she called back and said that she has been doing her homework (praying) and that she feels more peaceful. She wants to start going to Mass.”

In their familypromoting values

Some month ago, we received a call from “Rosa” who was looking for prenatal care and didn’t know where else to go. She was feeling sick, had just been in the hospital because of pregnancy complications, and was really worried for her baby.

The Gabriel Project used their resources to help her: prenatal care at Tepeyac Family Center, a Gabriel Angel (parish-based volunteer) for transportation, and a Gabriel Angel for translation services.  Things began to fall in place, and she began to have more peace and confidence.

One day, she asked one of her Angels about sterilization, because she wanted to have the procedure done immediately after her baby was born. When the volunteer called, we started to pray for this mother.  In the meantime, the volunteer explained to the mother about the beauty of family and love. From the Gabriel Project office she received a mailing with NFP information as well as resources about the importance of marriage and God’s loving plan for her and her family.

After a month or so of prayer, conversations, material and, most of all, love and care, the mother relayed that she and the father of the child were planning to talk with a priest after the baby is born, so they could learn more about NFP and also about marriage.

More recently, the mother told us that she had been talking with the father of the child about the possibility of marriage and believed they were moving towards it. She said, “Thank God that people like you exist. You all have been a blessing in my life.”

In their womanhoodacknowledging their dignity

After talking with a mom about the dignity of her body and her life, as well as the importance of being chaste and living according to Christian values, she said, “thank you for sharing with me this thought. You don’t hear good things frequently, and you tend to forget what is good and right.”

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