Lend your voice to crucial issues – it only takes a minute!

 By: Caitlin Bootsma

Sometimes it seems like the fight for life, for marriage, for religious liberty and for social justice is just too large of a task. After all, I certainly don’t have the time to beat down legislators’ doors every day, nor do I know if they would listen to me if I did.

shutterstock_1619788And yet, I care very deeply about the laws that are being considered nationally and here in the state of Virginia. It matters to me that adopted children have the benefit of being placed with a married husband and wife and it matters to me that my taxpayer dollars do not go toward funding abortions of any kind.

Enter the Virginia Catholic Conference.

You may or may not be aware of all of the work that the Virginia Catholic Conference does on behalf of the Catholic Church in Virginia. Notably, under the direction of Jeff Caruso, the VCC has, for example, opposed the expansion of who can be sentenced with the death penalty, supported conscience protection for adoption and foster-care providers and supported better pre-natal health care for legal immigrants. A summary of highlights from the Virginia Catholic Conference’s advocacy work can be seen here.

For the next month, the Virginia legislature is in session deliberating a number of important pieces of legislation. One such bill, if passed, would limit state-funded abortions to lives that were conceived through rape or incest (which is federal law). Currently, Virginia also funds abortions of fetuses who have physical deformities or mental deficiencies. A bill being considered right now would limit state-funded abortions solely to those mandated by federal policy.

Crucial to the passing of these often life-saving bills is the participation of people like you and me. And here is the thing – this participation takes literally two minutes of your time. The Virginia Catholic Conference sends out an alert regarding bills like the one above and asks us to send a pre-written email to legislators, expressing our views. You might not think a quick action like this matters, but it does. Jeff Caruso has said time and time again that the tipping point for some legislators on issues has been how many of their constituents they have heard from.

Don’t delay. Lending our voice to these issues can make a huge impact and it is easy.

Sign up for the Virginia Catholic Conference emails. Follow and act on the alerts — especially during this legislative session.  We are called to be faithful citizens not only during election season, but every day throughout the year.

4 thoughts on “Lend your voice to crucial issues – it only takes a minute!

  1. One questions I would like to see answered is a sad one, however. How many clergy have affirmed a woman having an abortion in the complex realities of life? Clergy opinion polls have been suggested but no bishop has the integrity to allow them. Every bishop already knows the answer and it does not align with official position so it’s better to ignore the question. That’s why the issues here are not as black-and-white as they seem.

  2. I much admire the Diocese for allowing comments such as these. The failure of the the Diocesan newspaper to print letters to the editor was a major reason why I asked for a cancellation of my subscription. But I do notice that Bishop Loverde who used to allow comments to his letters, no longer does so. Is there a reason?

  3. I desire to book mark this specific blog post, “Lend your voice to crucial
    issues – it only takes a minute! Encourage
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    Do you mind in case I actuallydo? Many thanks ,Aileen

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