What do Girls Need?

By: Sr. Clare Hunter

What do girls need? Well, a federal judge in New York has decided that they need more contraceptives. No worries that a minor might be alone in her fear, panic, shame, and potential life-altering situation. No, this judge knows that all she needs is to be able to purchase Plan B, an emergency “contraceptive,” without any adult supervision whatsoever. She won’t have to talk about what happened last night. Is she in love? Did she make a mistake? Was she used or abused, tricked or forced into an act that could result in creating a new human life? Nope – no one needs to know.

http://etpenterprises.com/We are sending the message that she really doesn’t need someone to walk with her in love and support, but she does need a way to quickly take care of a problem. I am certain that most young women will have no problem hiding another secret from their parents, bringing more drama to their circle of friends, or looking for more attention from the man she so longs to have love her.

I’m dying to speak to the judges, politicians, doctors, nurses, all those in favor of unrestricted access to Plan B. I wonder if they googled what I did and found studies that say, “Study: Newer Birth Control Pills May Double Blood Clot Risk”? Um, Plan B is “The Super Pill” – just a monster dose of that risk. Of course there are side effects, listed at multiple medical sites: Nausea/vomiting, abdominal pain, tiredness, dizziness, changes in vaginal bleeding, breast tenderness, diarrhea, or headache may occur. This is not a complete list of possible side effects. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your doctor or pharmacist.” [emphasis mine] Contact somebody? But that would defeat the point of buying it without adult supervision. So, now we expect her to tell her mom or dad so she can go to a doctor? That is, if she is able to tell someone. What if she is having blood clots, convulsions or cardiac arrest?

The debate is still on as to whether this drug causes abortion by not allowing a fertilized embryo to implant in the uterus. So far, studies indicate that pregnancy can still occur with Plan B. Let’s be clear, if ovulation has already occurred….you could get pregnant! Therefore, it‘s obvious that providing these pills to young girls will not only expose them to a potentially harmful contraceptive but also to an abortion-inducing drug.

When I give talks to groups of all ages, the moment that is the most silent, squirm-free and breathless is when I talk about the deepest longing in all our hearts: to be completely and totally accepted and loved for who we are, not because of what we do, or look like, but to be embraced and smiled upon in total love. To live a life without fear of being rejected, used or hurt – ever! I am sure the boys and men agree, but the women, the girls, freeze, they stare intensely, almost in a look of shock, that I have “read their souls.” Is giving them more access to contraceptives really giving our girls that love?

Well, O.K., then…if we are really looking for laws to help women, I have a few to propose. I think each state should pass a law that says every father must spend a minimum of one hour with his daughter(s) daily. He must hold her hand, hug her, kiss her cheek, tell her she is precious, beautiful and loved, exactly the way she is. He should teach her to be chaste and protect her from all harm. A father with sons must teach them to be respectful, chaste and protective of women. A mother must also spend a minimum of one hour with her daughter(s) each day. Mothers must teach their daughters how to dress modestly and to respect their bodies. All violations of these laws will result in fines, manual labor, service hours or arrest.

Does legislating such behavior seem excessive to you? Well, I think it’s far better than the federal government trying to enable young girls’ usage of drugs that could harm them and potentially destroy new, innocent life.


4 thoughts on “What do Girls Need?

  1. Thank you Sister Clare, for your directness and clarity on this important issue. I’ve been bewildered as to why NY’s Mayor would work so hard to ban large bottles of soda, and yet hand out these pills to minors. It’s hard to fathom how despicable our society has become. You offer hope to us all!

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