What if I did not exist?

By: Sr. Clare Hunter

In my opinion, it is a sin if you have not seen “It’s A Wonderful Life.” In addition to being my favorite movie, isn’t the question that ultimately drives the film part of a good examination of conscience to make each night? “What if I did not exist?”

wonderful_lifeAs we thank God for His many gifts, are we really accepting that our lives are part of His divine plan? Are our thoughts and actions in accord with His Will for our existence? Most of us spend a great deal of time deciding what is unlovable, unacceptable and why, in fact, our existence is not such a good thing. Very dangerous territory, isn’t it? If we think the good of our existence is measurable, then the life of others is measurable. In our throwaway society, what we don’t like, we get rid of.

At this time in history, more and more of us should be asking another question. “Why am I one of the lucky ones to make it?” With an estimated 50 million abortions since 1973, the fact that we got to take our first breath is more of a miracle than we think. I have had the blessing of hearing many accounts from mothers and fathers who admitted to me that they almost aborted their son or daughter. I have even had grandparents confess with a look of horror in their eyes that they pressured their child to have an abortion, and how grateful they are each day for the life of their grandchild.

Each life saved is a gift! The circumstances of how life was chosen in the endvary from the support of a loved one to the absolute miracle of divine intervention. Whatever the case may be, each parent must shudder to think “what if” when they look at their son or daughter before them, and must know inexpressible gratitude and certainty that they made the right decision.

Providentially, I happen to be aware of a number of priests and religious, even some conceived and born well before the legalization of abortion, whose parents considered aborting them. Certainly, this is a profound aspect of their discernment and vocation story! The following poem is written by the mother of a priest. Many would think that having a baby at seventeen would certainly ruin the life of a woman. What a blessing that this mother did not agree  her story proves that choosing life is wonderful!

May God bless her abundantly for choosing life, and offering that life to God!

Just seventeen

Full of hopes and dreams

She then found out she was a pregnant teen

Pressure from many

To end a blessed life

Scared, confused, and alone facing each day with strife

Then visions of new hopes and new dreams appeared in bright light

She knew in her heart she couldn’t take a life.

God spoke her name one snowy eve

Giving her peace, strength, and courage,

Yes she believed

The boy took his first breath on a hot summer day

The path was set,

He was on his way

When she first saw her son, so fragile and small

She instantly loved him and

Knew in her heart

She had been called

Called to raise her son from an infant to a man

She would need God and a really good plan!

Daily life took over and she didn’t always know

That God was right there with her

She was never alone

He protected her son and held her hand tight

He whispered to her heart and helped her though each night

Guiding her choices and making her strong

He help her become a Mother and to see right from wrong

As she watched her baby, learn and grow

She began to see the Holy man she would soon know

As a small boy he was playful, happy, and kind

As a teen he grew strong, self-confident, and sublime

She often wondered “how it could be

That this fantastic young man is part of me”!

Many years passed by and on one quiet day, she was thinking out loud

She thought of her life

As she stared up at the clouds

Her entire life flashed past her

In an instant it seemed

Was she really the best that she could possibly be?

She knew the answer and she began to pray

She asked God for forgiveness and gave thanks for each day

When she was finished and wiped her tears

She knew for certain that God had been with her through all of those years

He was with her always during her life

Through the joy, happiness, bad choices and strife

He gave her the wisdom

To give her child life

2 thoughts on “What if I did not exist?

  1. Yes, we reflect and find out, when our eyes are opened, the God is always with us and helping us. This is wonderful.

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