Clarifying Our Comment Policy

Due to some questions regarding comment approval, please see the updated comment policy below. This policy will help keep comments on the blogs relevant and interesting, and prevent any abuse or spam. Thank you for your support of Encourage & Teach. We hope that you will continue to take interest in the content provided by our team of bloggers.

Comment Policy

You are invited to take part in the conversation on Encourage & Teach, but we ask you to keep in mind the following:

  • The opinions expressed by bloggers and readers are not necessarily those of the Diocese of Arlington. The diocese is not responsible for the accuracy of the content in the blogs.
  • The diocese encourages dialogue, but reserves the right to remove any comments that contain personal attacks and/or are offensive.  Readers are asked to comment in a spirit of charity, even if their opinions differ from the author or other readers. Comments should be brief, relevant to the blog post, and avoid any morally objectionable, inappropriate, abusive, commercial, spam, and partisan content.
  • There may be some delay before comments are publicly visible as remarks will be moderated by the diocese before being posted. If your comment has been removed, it violated the comment policy. If you feel that your comments are being unfairly removed, please contact the staff at to clarify the reasons behind the post’s removal. Repeated violations of the comment policy will result in the account being banned.

Please send any questions you would be interested in seeing addressed on the blog to

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