After-birth Abortions: the Logical Choice?

By: Sr. Clare Hunter

In a world where parents can choose to abort their child, yet:

  • Killing a pregnant woman is a double homicide;
  • There is no such thing as gender, but we fight for a woman’s rights;
  • It’s a baby if you want it, but a product if you don’t;
  • Marriage is no longer marriage and sexual intercourse has nothing to do with producing a new human life;

…It is refreshing to have a logical conclusion emerge.

newborn-babyThis 2012 Slate article describes how two philosophers in the Journal Of Medical Ethics gave a pro-choice argument for infanticide — or delicately termed “after-birth abortion” (the words don’t even make sense). The piece is terrific and argues that the philosphers’ arguments are not a threat to those who call themselves pro-life, but only a threat to those who go by pro-choice.

It brilliantly illustrates this quote by Flannery O’Connor: “When tenderness is detached from the source of tenderness, its logical outcome is terror.”

O’Connor then shares the famous conclusion with Walker Percy that “tenderness leads to the gas chamber.” In the name of tenderness, killing children pre- and post-birth is the most loving thing to do. It is the only choice in some nations.

Once we reject God and His natural law, then creation becomes obsolete. The Enlightenment rejected mystery. Modernity rejects God. Now in Post-Modernity we finally come to what is left to deny: the mystery of God’s love and most precious image — man.

There should be no shock that infanticide has become an option. When human life is based on opinion, and the value of a person is dependent on convenience, productivity and cost, then it follows that there is no way of defining and protecting human life.

Once you believe you can kill a child before it is born because it is handicapped, then it is logical to be able to do so after it is born. …Or a bit later, when the child might become terminally ill, as is the case in Belgium, where a child can commit suicide. …Or in the Netherlands, the state can kill a child regardless of parental consent. This is what must follow once you believe that killing a life can be justified.

Has this “freedom” from the “Source of tenderness” brought us greater happiness? Has the rejection of moral absolutes, of natural law and basic biology brought about a more loving and peaceful world? Not by a long shot.

We have ample proof that exterminating the unwanted, sick, weak, handicapped and irritating races did not improve Nazi Germany, Russia, China, Syria or the United States of America. But it has brought about the killing of untold numbers of innocent victims — all in the name of compassion, choice and progression. The logic that eliminating human life is the solution is not logical.

Why is it that in our amazingly advanced technological world, our only solution to problems continues to be killing human beings? Call me crazy, but I would think it would be logical for a human person — who started out being a human person when sperm from a human male and an egg from a  human female united — would get that all human beings come about that way, too. I would think it would be rather logical for human beings to help other human beings not to kill human beings.

Can we call the experiment over yet? Killing human beings is not making sense.

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