God’s Step in Yours

By: Natalie Plumb

Sometimes saying that everything happens for a reason, that prayer solves it all and that dryness, discernmentdoubt and despair are normal prayer periods to experience sounds a bit jaded. We often have situations that don’t merit what we may interpret as masking or an explain-away. In those situations in particular, we all need to have faith in the cross and Resurrection. Consider the thoughts of “Footprints in the Sand” in these toughest of times:


Carry me, my Lord, my God.

Carry me in times of trouble.

Carry me in times of pain.

Carry me so that I know that nothing that I do is in vain.


This is an addendum to Natalie’s mini-series on prayer in drynessdoubt and discernment.

Natalie writes on Thursdays about faith, dating, relationships, and the in between. May her non-fiction stories and scenarios challenge you. May they help you laugh, cry, think and wonder.

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