Take a Risk, Risk a Share

By: Deacon Marques Silva

This past weekend, I was with 35 men and women on retreat. We all had a longing in our heart for something more than what the world can offer us. One of my fellow retreatants, a young woman from Seattle, shared that a week prior, she was looking for a retreat. Unable to find one in her area, she broadened her search across the country. She found our small retreat right here in McLean, Va. She took a risk, bought her plane ticket and, suddenly, she was in Virginia.

She answered a longing in her heart. She responded to a feeling that she needed something more. She took a risk and yesterday shared:

“This weekend was such a blessing and far surpassed my expectations…I am in awe of the way God knew just what I needed and lead me across the country…He is so good!”

On September 27, I will be attending the Risk Jesus conference at Hylton Memorial Chapel. I am going because I know I need something more. Come join me, take a Risk, and let Jesus address the desires of your heart. While you’re there, come find me and tell me that you took a risk and came – I would love to meet you and hear how He is answering the longings of your heart.

To learn more or share with your friends, watch the video below.

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