Taking “Preach the Gospel at All Times” to the Metro

By: Erin Healy

When my director suggested that I stand outside the metro on Monday nights and invite strangers to join me at Theology on Tap, I was terrified. Immediately, my thoughts ranged from: What if someone ignores me? What if they yell at me? What if they actually want to talk about God? Will I be able to dialogue? And, is this even worth it?

A few weeks later, I found myself, along with four volunteers from Holy Spirit and Nativity New Life Young Adults, standing on the sidewalk, purse on one shoulder and camera bag on the other, with my hands full of flyers and my heart pounding. At first, I scanned the crowd emerging from the metro, hoping to spot a friendly face or, at the very least, someone without headphones glued to his or her ears. That would make this easier, I thought.

StFrancisNeverSaidThatMemeAfter a few minutes of standing silently, I thought to myself it’s now or never. I stepped forward to approach a young woman, and before I could even get, “Have you heard of Theology on Tap?” out of my mouth, she offered, “No thanks,” without breaking her stride or making eye contact. No matter how big my smile or my selling point, this pattern continued for, what felt like, an eternity.

Then, out of nowhere, I was tapped on the shoulder by an older man of Middle Eastern decent. He asked me what I was doing, and wanted more information about the Church. After our short, but pleasant exchange, he thanked me and went on his way. For the first time all evening, I felt like I was actually spreading the Gospel.

That experience, along with witnessing of the other volunteers, gave me the strength to keep at it. I approached people sitting on benches and those waiting at the crosswalk. I met a family of strong Christians waiting for their Uber ride, and a young Catholic who had no idea Theology on Tap (or anything like it) existed. I even knocked on the window of a parked car after noticing what I hoped was a Rosary hanging from the mirror! All were very touched and surprised by the invitation.

As we walked from the metro to Theology on Tap that night, my heart filled with humility and gratitude as I reflected on how the Lord used me to bring His love and message of Good News to others. I began the night thinking I was extending an invitation to others, and the result was a seed planted in my own heart.

Join us at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, October 13 for Theology on Tap at O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub in Arlington. Our speakers, Ron and Terry Riggins, sought a life of comfort and achieving the “American Dream.”  That is, until God revealed the emptiness of that life as He called them into personal intimacy, discipleship and evangelization.

All adults ages 21-39, single and married are welcome. For a complete list of dates and speakers, click here. Check the event out on Facebook here.

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