Discovering Catholic Schools Week

By: Sr. Bernadette McManigal, B.V.M. Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Why would we have to discover something that has been so evident in our Catholic life?  Catholic schools have been around for a long time; they are part of our American landscape. Yet, often what has become ordinary, needs to be discovered anew. We can get so used to seeing an object, that we do not notice it. How often have I looked for something only to find it right under my nose!

What would one find who discovers Catholic schools today? Faith, an emphasis on prayer, and right relationships with God form the backbone of our schools. That is the chief purpose of their existence. Having our faith permeate the day enables the student to integrate religion in a unique and life-giving way. One little second grade boy told me “If I don’t start the school day with prayer, where would I get my Spirit for the day?”

Recently the Catholic Business Network honored one student from each of our high schools who demonstrated service in the name of Jesus with Yes! Awards. Organizing a mission trip to a third world country, initiating a pro-life club, offering tutoring services were only some of the activities these four students exemplified.

While our schools must be thoroughly Catholic, they must also be academically excellent. Science, math, literature, and social studies all play a part in that excellence. Using technology wisely for learning is essential in today’s world. Visit a school and see how those areas are promoted, see how classroom education has changed, and discover how Catholic values remain constant.

Catholic schools are present but their value can be taken for granted. Come and visit our schools in the Arlington Diocese. See all of the Yes! Award videos provided by the Catholic Business Network of Northern Virginia at the diocesan YouTube channel!

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