Go ahead, search: “sweaty t-shirts, the Pill, less manly men”

By: Sr. Clare Hunter

Women who take artificial contraceptives choose the wrong man.

WHAT?!? That is a pretty bold claim. Is there any truth to it? As we know, artificial contraceptives change a woman’s body, which is their purpose. Turns out, there are a number of studies that continue to prove that it not only stops pregnancy, but changes women’s brains, effecting other senses and choices. Almost 20 years ago, a fascinating study, coined the “sweaty t-shirt study,” looked at women using, and not using, artificial contraceptives and their sexual attractions based on smell. This study and the countless that followed using similar or other techniques found that women using artificial contraceptives tend to be attracted to men, either through smell or visually, that are more feminine-looking and genetically similar to them, obviously effecting offspring, and even fertility.

Last week, the Arlington Diocese sponsored a visit from Mrs. Vicki Thorn, foundress of Project Rachel, and a world-wide speaker on the biology of the Theology of the Body, basically the biochemistry of sex, and all of the things we should know go on in our bodies. (Listen to her talk at St. Charles Borromeo parish.)  She mentioned these studies and added more on the impact on men, including lower testosterone levels as the majority of women around them are not ovulating and having natural menstrual cycles.  Seems logical to me, but is it true?  For years, I have read articles about these studies and topics, heard speakers quote them, and even caught a documentary on television about the “sweaty t-shirt study.” I am convinced there is a great deal of truth to all of this. At least, I believe that artificial birth control has physical, psychological and emotional impacts that cannot be studied fast enough and that are having world-wide effects on generations of human life, as well as the environment.

Have I piqued your curiosity?  Do what I did. Google something like the following: “sweaty t-shirt study,” “women, the pill and attraction,” “birth control and male smell,” “women on the pill choose genetically similar men,” “women on pill having weaker babies?” I did find an interesting article from the Huffington Post, “Women on Contraceptive Pill Have Longer Marriages.” Apparently, the women are less sexually active, and attracted to their husband, but they stay married. Hm.  Last week, Elle magazine had a story about contracepting women choosing ugly men. The Wall Street Journal’s article used the following summary points:

Seductive Science: What happens to a woman during her most fertile days?

  • Her voice becomes higher pitched.
  • Men are more attentive to her, with behavior ranging from thoughtful to jealous.
  • Her scent becomes more attractive to men.
  • She seeks men with more masculine features.
  • Her social behavior changes, including increased flirting.
  • She tries to look more attractive and may choose more-revealing clothing.
  • If she is with a less masculine man, she may feel less attracted to him.

Why is this news to so many people? There is plenty on YouTube, and certainly the studies can be found, purchased and read. I would also add that you and I probably know plenty of men and women who could verify some of these studies and theories from their own experience. Isn’t it time we started to pay attention to what our bodies are telling us?

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