Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014 — Our Best Year Yet

By: Office of Communications

Thanks to you, 2014 was our best year ever for the blog! We had triple the traffic of 2013.

A quick look back on the top blogs of the best year yet for Encourage & Teach:


papaerantler The Best Argument for Marriage I’ve Ever Heard


Silvawedding2 The 20 Things I Learned After 20 Years of Marriage


And the Grammy Goes to And the Grammy Goes to…Satan


2009 01 22 March for Life 024 Top 10 Reasons “I could never be a nun”


erin and joe 4 Confessions of a Catholic Bride to Be | Week 1


Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Nancy Pelosi-x400 An Archbishop Refuses to be Bullied


St Ignatius More Than We Could Even Think To Ask


smiling_couple Dating 101: “I wish I were mature enough for that”


Beer_taps What do men want in a woman?


LF8 Deceased relatives and pets are not Guardian Angels

Which was your favorite? Is it listed? Comment and let us know!

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