The Friday Five: #lifeisVERYgood in Arlington

This post is the final post of a series during this #prolife week.

By: Elise Italiano

What a blessing to attend various pro-life events in our nation’s capital and in our diocese this week: Masses, rallies, keynote speeches, and the March for Life, to name a few.  Instead of attempting to recap the beauty of these events in writing (in full disclosure, most of them were so powerful that they rendered me speechless), I will let pictures tell the story of the week.

1. The March for Life is over.  Now what?  Bishop Loverde outlines how we can walk the walk (or march the march) all year long so that others might be convinced of the dignity of all human life.


2.  Life is very good! So proclaimed Bishop Loverde, along with Archbishop Cupich, Archbishop Aymond, Bishop Lucas, Bishop Cistone, Bishop DiLorenzo, Chris Stefanick, Matt Maher, Rend Collective, the Sisters of Life, and 12,000 attendees of two-day diocesan event. Click on the photo below to see our Facebook album and find it documented on Twitter under #lifeisVERYgood.

March for Life, Life is Very Good 2015 095

3.  The Holy Father sent his personal greetings to the members of our diocese by way of the Apostolic Nuncio at the Life is Very Good Mass.  How wonderful to be encouraged by Pope Francis, who expressed gratitude for the many young people who advocate for more “just and inclusive laws” that protect all people from the moment of their conception through their natural death.


4. The Diocese of Arlington was well represented in the crowd of 500K at the March for Life.  Thanks for tweeting us your photos and messages! Here are a few highlights! View our media highlights on Storify.

Daughter Saint Paul IMG_0132IMG_0147IMG_0140 IMG_0160 IMG_0161

5.  Today, on the eve of the 49th World Communications Day, Pope Francis issued a message that reminds us that the culture of life requires strong families.

  • “In the family, we learn to embrace and support one another, to discern the meaning of facial expressions and moments of silence, to laugh and cry together with people who did not choose one another yet are so important to each other.”
  • “A perfect family does not exist…The family, where we keep loving one another despite our limits and sins, thus becomes a school of forgiveness.”
  • “When it comes to the challenges of communication, families who have children with one or more disabilities have much to teach us.  A motor, sensory, or mental limitation can be a reason for closing in on ourselves, but it can also become, thanks to the love of parents, siblings, and friends, an incentive to openness, sharing, and ready communication with all.”
  • “The family…is not a subject of debate or a terrain for ideological skirmishes. Rather, it is an environment in which we learn to communicate in an experience of closeness, a setting where communication takes place, a ‘communicating community’.  The family is a community which provides help, which celebrates life and is fruitful.

May you know today and every day that your life is a gift!

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