The Friday Five: It’s Either Real Love or a Cheap Substitute

This is the last of a series of posts during this National Marriage Week.

By: Elise Italiano, Director of Communications

This week in the Diocese of Arlington, love, romance, and marriage were on everyone’s mind. No doubt it had something to do with National Marriage Week, as well as the media buzz surrounding the release of one of the top advance-selling movies of all time, Fifty Shades of Grey. Bishop Loverde has joined his brother bishops, the Religious Alliance Against Pornography, and the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation in expressing serious concern for the mainstreaming of pornographic content in film. And people took notice.


1. You can read Bishop Loverde’s piece published today at First Things called “Porn Goes Mainstream.”  He writes,

“I wonder what our decision to objectify women in situations of sexual violence—and to support the industry which fuels it—says about us and about our society? Though by the entertainment industry’s standards this movie is not classified as pornographic, it normalizes the intertwining of sex and violence, that old pornographic standby.”

2. You can listen to our shepherd’s interview with Sheila Liaugminas at Relevant Radio in which he so candidly states,

 “Our eyes were made for beauty. What we view stays with us in our memory.  And so if we watch things that degrade, they stay with us, too.  If we do not see purely in this life, will we be prepared to look upon Love itself in the next?”

But our shepherd didn’t just lament the exchange of a cheap substitute for real love. He did something proactive, something concrete. The Busy Couples’ online retreat provided married couples in Arlington — and all over the nation — the opportunity to watch 15-minute videos of Bishop Loverde delivering wise, pastoral reflections for  Bishop was struck by the fact that most couples were viewing the YouTube clips after 9 p.m., which meant that they must really be busy!

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3. Watch the EWTN News Nightly story on the retreat, featuring Michele and Rene Islas, who share how this experience is changing their marriage.

4. Read Christine Stoddard’s coverage of the retreat at the Arlington Catholic Herald. She notes,

“The final reflection and Mass will be posted online at noon Feb. 14 for couples unable to attend. Perfect viewing before that candlelit dinner.”


5. I leave you with a picture of what all this buzz looked like online. What a wonderful conversation about love, respect, dignity, and real romance.

FireShot Capture - What People Have Been Saying about Bish_ - https___storify.com_arlingtonchurch_

We are truly blessed to have a shepherd who wants us to know and experience real love, the kind which points us to Love Himself!

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