Ladies, Take Time for Yourselves this Lent

By: Erin Healy

When’s the last time you had a ladies’ night, or a day to take for yourself? Lent is the perfect time to make sure you make “me” time a priority – your “me” time with God.

TitleAs women we face trials every day. It’s natural to feel tired of dragging your cross behind you. What if you could use your daily struggles and sufferings to gain the amazing grace God desires to pour into your soul?

But…what does this look like? A humble and joyful acceptance of the cross that God lays before us each day… An invitation to share in His Passion…

When I imagine what “suffering well” looks like, I often think of Our Lord, stopping to comfort the women and children on the road to Calvary. Despite being dirty, exhausted and bleeding, He offered his suffering in the form of comfort to others. Later that same day, nails were driven through His hands, His feet and His side pierced. His suffering opened the gates of heaven, saved sinners, and sanctified the world. Yours can, too.

When we choose to carry our cross like Christ, we see with eyes of Christ, and are drawn even closer to Him through our sharing in His Life, Death and Resurrection.

On March 28, we welcome Kerri Caviezel and Kathleen Wilson as speakers at the 2015 Women’s Conference. Both women will share their moving stories – as daughters, wives, mothers and friends – the freedom they experienced through joyful acceptance of their burdens. With the Blessed Virgin Mary as our model, we will gather to pray and reflect on our unique suffering as women and how, by baptismal grace, we can transform the world through our daily “Yes” to Christ.

Women's Conference Facebook event header
For more information and to register for the Women’s Conference, visit or contact the Office for Family Life at (703) 841-2550.

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