They’re Not the Unnecessary Ones in the World

By: Sr. Clare Hunter

“They’re not the unnecessary ones in the world. God sent them here for a purpose.”

This is just one of the beautiful lines from the documentary about abandoned children in South Korea, The Drop Box. The film is about a safe place — literally a box — where parents can put their infants to be cared for, rather than abandoned or even killed.  A pastor named Lee Jong-rak has taken on the mission of providing such a safe place, and of raising these orphans. Just watching the 3-minute trailer brings a sense of hope and inspiration to a world where human life is at such great risk. Please take the time to watch the trailer and show your support for such cause-worthy films.

As we are reminded in the film, “it is not only South Korea that has these problems.” Please consider donating to a local crisis-pregnancy center, or pregnancy home, to assist mothers in need, providing them with the resources to care for, not abandon, their child.

The Drop Box is in theaters March 3, 4 and 5. Today is the last day to see it! Get your tickets here. Use hashtag #thedropbox when spreading the word on social media.

***EDITOR’S NOTE: If you or someone you know has been involved with abortion, or is having an unexpected pregnancy, please contact Project Rachel post-abortion healing or Gabriel Project pregnancy help for confidential support and assistance. The diocesan pregnancy assistance program Gabriel Project has helped countless women find medical, financial and emotional support. There have also been cases of post-abortive men and women contacting the Project Rachel hotline to begin to heal from the wounds that their abortion has brought into their lives.

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