The Friday Five: Lent in Review

By: Elise Italiano, Director of Communications 

I know, I know. Lent is not over.  We still have a few more days before Holy Week begins.  And I also know it’s impossible to quantify the graces that the Lord gave to many as they fasted, prayed, and gave alms in this season.  But I think it’s wise to recap as best we can what Lent looked like in the diocese, if for no other reason than because the act of intentionally recalling what God has done for us  increases our faith and trust in what He will do for our future.


1. The Light is On.  This year we were blessed to be able to continue to offer God’s healing mercy to people in the greater DC metro area through The Light is On  campaign. We were so happy to hear that people who had been away from the Sacrament of Confession came back home this Lent and were grateful that the word spread about the campaign in national news .  Along with the Archdiocese of Washington, we were able to reach people in the “digital margins” with some new online initiatives.  For more information about how to receive confession in the diocese throughout the year or to return to the Catholic Church, click here.

2. Bishop Loverde urged us to ask God to transform our hearts so that they “beat in accord with His” this LentHis columns on  Ash Wednesday, the “globalization of indifference,” on the Solemnity of St. Joseph, along with his inspiring and inviting messages on WTOP and Twitter reached thousands, both in the diocese and beyond its borders.

3. We heard from many members of our diocesan family and friends as they helped us to reflect on Lent here at Encourage and Teach.  Blogs ranged from reflections on the seven deadly sins to finding healing after abortion to resources for married couples during Lent.

4. At the annual diocesan Men’s Conference, over 1,000 men gathered to discuss one of Pope Francis’ favorite topics: “Victory Over the Common Enemy: Overcoming Sin and Evil.”  And tomorrow, hundreds of women from the diocese will meet to explore how “Suffering Endured with Joy Will Transform the World” at the annual Women’s Conference.  We will be live-tweeting from the conference and photos will be available on our Facebook page!


5. Next week we enter one of the most sacred times of the liturgical year when we mark how “Christ saved the world from sin,” as Sr. Clare Hunter, FSE, shared.  We will keep things pretty simple on the blog, with Fr. Scalia rounding out his series and with simple reflections capturing Pope Francis’ thoughts on the Passion.

On behalf of the Office of Communications, I wish you a blessed Holy Week and Triduum.  We’ll meet again in the season of great joy!

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